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WEATHER UPDATE: Due to the weather, our Raleigh office will be closed Monday, December 10 however our Charlotte office is now open.
WEATHER ALERT: Due to inclement weather, our clinics in Charlotte and Raleigh will open at 10 a.m. on Monday December 10. Should you have questions regarding your appointments or need additional information, please call 844-447-5894.
You’re not alone!
According to a recent incidence rate study, 1-in-2 infants have some degree of #plagiocephaly. 
DOC Band® treatment is recommended for moderate and severe cases.
Call us for a free evaluation if you’re concerned about your baby’s head shape (844) 447-5894.

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Did you know that 1 in every 10 babies need a cranial band for plagiocephaly and it is caused by factors outside of the parents control? Heck- I’m a PT! In an effort to normalize treatment- here is Rylee rockin’ her band. Thanks to Shelby Porter for painting it 💕💕#ryleetaterscott #normalizethecranialband #cranialtechnologies #cranialtech #docband
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Call (844) 447-5894 or go online to to schedule a free evaluation
DOC Band® graduate, Jayden, and his family @workinggirlchi were featured in a segment on @goodmorningamerica today!
Learn more about Jayden’s quick and successful DOC Band journey by googling ‘Good Morning America Plagiocephaly’.
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•The #docband is the first-ever FDA cleared Cranial Orthotic for treatment of Plagiocephaly. •We have treated approximately 175,000 babies across the country and are very excited to announce that we are opening our first clinic in Tennessee! •Stay tuned for scheduling details.
Watch a 4-minute video featuring:
• The DOC Band® journey of a mother and her son
• Cranial Tech’s Chief Science and Technology Officer, Tim Littlefield
• The specialized proprietary technology and creation process behind each custom made DOC Band
Each of our patients make up a special part of our DOC Band® family. 
Congrats to Logan on his first graduation of many!

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Logan graduated from his helmet!! Thank you @docband and Cranial Technologies!!!
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