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Mission and values at DB Schenker Logistics

How important are the company mission and values at DB Schenker Logistics? Does working at DB Schenker Logistics feel inclusive and respectful? Would employees recommend working at DB Schenker Logistics?
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Mission and values

Mission and values at DB Schenker Logistics

What do employees think about the company mission and values at DB Schenker Logistics? Explore insights about COVID-19, workplace happiness and CEO approval.

Mission approval

How well is the organizational mission followed?
The mission drives the company36%
The mission is loosely followed39%
The mission is not followed18%
I don’t know the mission8%
From 119 Indeed user responses

Company priorities

What are the company priorities?
Shareholder value12%
Employee happiness29%
Customer happiness44%
Giving back to the community5%
From 141 Indeed user responses

CEO Approval

Do you approve of the CEO?
From 13 Indeed user responses

COVID-19 approval

Do you approve of the leadership response to COVID-19?
From 1,084 Indeed user responses

Company community at DB Schenker Logistics

What do employees think about belonging and inclusion at DB Schenker Logistics? Explore charitable giving, personal appreciation and respect for all employees.


I can trust people in my company
Strongly disagree40%
Strongly agree16%
From 607 Indeed user responses


My work environment feels inclusive and respectful of all people
Strongly disagree37%
Strongly agree21%
From 596 Indeed user responses


There are people at work who appreciate me as a person
Strongly disagree28%
Strongly agree23%
From 605 Indeed user responses

Charitable giving

Which charitable programs can employees take part in?
Donation matching27%
Paid time for volunteer hours14%
Charitable fundraisers16%
Team volunteer opportunities35%
Discounted services32%
From 37 Indeed user responses

Mission importance and relevance at DB Schenker Logistics

Is the work at DB Schenker Logistics guided by the company mission? Discover insights about purpose, employee contributions and recommendations.


My work has a clear sense of purpose
Strongly disagree27%
Strongly agree26%
From 598 Indeed user responses


Is this a mission-driven organization?
Strongly disagree33%
Strongly agree23%
From 90 Indeed user responses

Mission contribution

Does your role contribute to the company mission?
From 356 Indeed user responses

Friend recommend

Would you recommend working here to a friend?
From 2,255 Indeed user responses

Moving on from DB Schenker Logistics

Why do people leave DB Schenker Logistics? Read about employee happiness, reasons for leaving and whether people would recommend working here.


I feel a sense of belonging in my company
Strongly disagree39%
Strongly agree17%
From 597 Indeed user responses

Work happiness

I feel happy at work most of the time
Strongly disagree20%
Strongly agree26%
From 125 Indeed user responses

Job satisfaction

Overall, I am completely satisfied with my job
Strongly disagree34%
Strongly agree18%
From 303 Indeed user responses

Reason to leave

Why would you leave?
Lack of career advancement32%
Low salary or benefits27%
Poor management40%
Working hours27%
Had to relocate8%
It was a temporary job9%
Something else25%
I don't intend to leave7%
From 797 Indeed user responses

Q&A about mission and values at DB Schenker Logistics

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