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COVID-19 response at DB Schenker Logistics

How has DB Schenker Logistics responded to COVID-19? What is working at DB Schenker Logistics during coronavirus like? Are some employees at DB Schenker Logistics working from home?
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Leadership during COVID-19

Leadership during COVID-19 at DB Schenker Logistics

What do employees think about the leadership response to COVID-19 at DB Schenker Logistics? Explore insights about response time, employee approval, and sick days.

COVID-19 response

Did the company respond quickly to the initial COVID-19 outbreak?
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COVID-19 approval

Do you approve of the leadership response to COVID-19?
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COVID-19 sick days

Can you take paid sick days during COVID-19?
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Work during COVID-19 at DB Schenker Logistics

What is it like to work at DB Schenker Logistics during COVID-19? Explore working on-site, safety precautions and procedures and overall changes.


During COVID-19, are people expected to work from the office?
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COVID-19 on-site work

New question
On-site measures to help protect workers
Not enough data0%

COVID-19 changes

COVID-19 has substantially changed my working life
Strongly disagree26%
Strongly agree36%
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Work from home support at DB Schenker Logistics

Does the management at DB Schenker Logistics support working from home? Explore work from home benefits, equipment and resources and other tools.

WFH allowance

Do you get an allowance for WFH costs?
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WFH Allowance approval

The WFH benefit is enough to cover costs.
Strongly disagree75%
Strongly agree4%
From 48 Indeed user responses

WFH resources

Do you have the equipment and resources you need to WFH?
Strongly disagree65%
Strongly agree6%
From 49 Indeed user responses

WFH support

Do you feel well supported to work from home?
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Q&A about COVID-19 response at DB Schenker Logistics

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  • Work from homeExplore work from home during COVID-19, remote work support and work-life balance.

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