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PTO and work-life balance at DB Schenker Logistics

How much time off do you get at DB Schenker Logistics? How easy is it to use your PTO at DB Schenker Logistics? Are the working hours flexible at DB Schenker Logistics?
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PTO allowances

Paid time off at DB Schenker Logistics

What do employees think about the PTO policy at DB Schenker Logistics? Explore insights about sick days, vacation days, and personal days.

Paid vacation

How many paid vacation days did you get per year?
No paid vacation days14%
1-5 days34%
6-9 days17%
10-20 days25%
21-30 days6%
Unlimited paid time off3%
From 759 Indeed user responses

PTO use

How much of your paid time off did you use?
No paid vacation days24%
1-5 days41%
6-9 days10%
10-20 days18%
21-30 days4%
More than 30 days2%
From 90 Indeed user responses

Sick days

How many paid sick days did you get per year?
No paid sick days27%
1-5 days54%
6-10 days9%
11 or more days1%
I don’t know8%
From 336 Indeed user responses

Personal days

How many paid personal days did you get per year?
No paid personal days35%
1-5 days40%
6-9 days9%
10-20 days13%
21-30 days1%
More than 30 days1%
From 134 Indeed user responses

Using paid time off at DB Schenker Logistics

What’s it like to use your paid time off at DB Schenker Logistics? Learn about requesting and using paid time off, floating holidays, and whether sick days reset.

Floating holiday

Do you get a floating holiday?
From 137 Indeed user responses

PTO paid out

Is paid time off paid out when you leave?
From 378 Indeed user responses

PTO request

It’s easy to request PTO at DB Schenker Logistics.
Strongly disagree40%
Strongly agree17%
From 139 Indeed user responses

Sick day reset

Do your paid sick days reset each year?
From 134 Indeed user responses

Work-life balance and flexibility at DB Schenker Logistics

Does the management at DB Schenker Logistics support professional development? Discover insights about flexibility, leaving during the day and going to appointments.

Flexible hours

Are your working hours flexible?
From 373 Indeed user responses


My work has the time and location flexibility I need
Strongly disagree33%
Strongly agree21%
From 550 Indeed user responses

Planned leave

Can you leave for a planned appointment during the workday?
From 457 Indeed user responses

Personal leave

Can you leave for personal reasons during the workday?
From 449 Indeed user responses

Parental leave at DB Schenker Logistics

Are people happy with the maternity or paternity leave policy at DB Schenker Logistics? Read about benefits for parents, adoption benefits and parental leave.

Parent benefits

Which benefits are offered for parents?
Flexible schedule upon return40%
Child care on-site/reimbursement3%
Maternity leave benefits75%
Paternity leave benefits24%
Lactation room16%
Parent career coaching8%
From 63 Indeed user responses

Maternity approval

Are you happy with the maternity leave policy?
From 72 Indeed user responses

Paternity approval

Are you happy with the paternity leave policy?
From 72 Indeed user responses

Adoption benefits

Are adoption benefits available?
From 309 Indeed user responses

Q&A about PTO and work-life balance at DB Schenker Logistics

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