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Parents and caregivers working at Dental Associates

What are the parental leave policies like at Dental Associates? Are the working hours flexible at Dental Associates? Is there company support for parents and caregivers at Dental Associates?

Parental leave at Dental Associates

Are people happy with the maternity or paternity leave policy at Dental Associates? Read about benefits for parents, adoption benefits and parental leave.

Parent benefits

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Which benefits are offered for parents?
Not enough data0%

Maternity approval

Are you happy with the maternity leave policy?
From 10 Indeed user responses

Paternity approval

Are you happy with the paternity leave policy?
From 10 Indeed user responses

Adoption benefits

Are adoption benefits available?
From 40 Indeed user responses

Work-life balance and flexibility at Dental Associates

Does the management at Dental Associates support professional development? Discover insights about flexibility, leaving during the day and going to appointments.

Flexible hours

Are your working hours flexible?
From 48 Indeed user responses


My work has the time and location flexibility I need
Strongly disagree38%
Strongly agree10%
From 42 Indeed user responses

Planned leave

Can you leave for a planned appointment during the workday?
From 63 Indeed user responses

Personal leave

Can you leave for personal reasons during the workday?
From 62 Indeed user responses

Being a parent or caregiver at Dental Associates

What do people report it’s like being a parent or caregiver at Dental Associates? Explore insights about company support, career progression and being about to talk about your parenting role.

Company support

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Parents and caregivers have the support they need to be effective in their jobs
Not enough data0%

Self identification

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People openly identify as a parent or caregiver
Not enough data0%

Career progress

Being a parent or caregiver does not impact your progress
Strongly disagree42%
Strongly agree33%
From 12 Indeed user responses

Caregiver support

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Support is available for people in caregiving roles who are not parents
Not enough data0%

Q&A about Parents and caregivers at Dental Associates

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