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Why wont the VA hire veterans?

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I agree that they are not focused in hiring Veterans. I have been in the IT field for over 22 years, a combat veteran with disabilities, and even in the VR&E program and they didn’t even acknowledge my resume packaged. I’ve gone for over 4 roles with no follow up. The issue is the VA began to pull in outside consulting and non Veterans or non Ex Military, and they are exploiting our opportunities. I may actually do a poll to see how many veterans actually end up in good positions with the VA in the recent past 5 years.

They do hire them. I think just did show though. Exploitation. To make it look good. They don’t treat them very nice.

They do hire them. In fact, the push to get more in is even greater.

They hire vets first for open to us positions. Other positions it depends on how they post it as to vet preference points or other set aside groups. The only ways to pass over a vet without reposting are the vets not accepting the position or justification paperwork. I have only seen the justification paper work twice one was for someone who was fired from another VA in the same position that they interviewed for. The other was someone fired from the same VA that applied for their old job at the same facility! Keep in mind that these people were fired prior to trumps executive order that made it easier to fire employees.

Yes a lot of places it is who you associated with

You wouldn't know it I been in Diego Gracia in the PHILIPPINES AND Italy and all.the bases they treat them better than in the U S

I'm a 10 point veteran, prior federal employee with a spotless record, I have met or exceeded all of the qualifications for the positions I have applied for but cannot get one single call or interview. An example is with the VA in New Orleans. I applied for a manager level position as well as 3 subordinate positions in the same department. I was referred for the manager position saying that I was among the best qualified for the position but the selecting official in New Orleans didn't even contact me. 2 of the subordinate positions I applied for we're exactly the same I was referred for one of the two which I found odd because they were exactly the same but again the position was filled and I was interviewed for either positions. The last one is even lower on the totem pole and I have been referred to the selection official which is the department manager who will again more that likely hire whomever he or she already had in mind for the position. The lowest position is a GS-9 and I was a GS-11 step 3 when I worked in safety for the Department of the Interior. I doesn't matter who you talk to it's who you know.

I am a veteran and former VA employee (I worked at two facilities). Some of my old coworkers were vets. So, they do hire vets. However, do they give them preference as required? That one I am not so sure about,

They won't hire me either although I have served 12 years in the Marines, have a lot of experience, and hold a Bachelor's of Science in psychology. Even applied for janitor, and wouldn't even look at me.

I agree with the poster from August 13th. It's who you know. I am a veteran, qualified for the job, great attitude and references, and experience. I've been on the site for many years. The Filipino nurses at my work were hired immediately. The hiring manager is Filipino, too.

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