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Interviews at Department of Veterans Affairs

Here’s what others thought about the interview process at Department of Veterans Affairs.
Interview experience
Based on 229 interviews
Interview difficulty
Based on 226 interviews
Interview process length
Based on 203 interviews
More than one month

Interview process at Department of Veterans Affairs

Overview experience
Interview process length
More than one month
About a month
About two weeks
About a day or two
About a week
Most reported steps
Background check
On-site interview
Phone call/screening
Group interview
Drug test
Least reported steps
Take-home/sample work
They have no interview

What candidates say about the interview process at Department of Veterans Affairs

  • Panel of 4 supervisors from different units that you qualify for. Each will ask 8 questions each. Questions situational, job knowledge. At the end they will ask if there is anything you want to say ab…
    Shared on May 6, 2019
  • Several people ask you a series of different questions with at least three parts to each question asked. Situational type questions.
    Shared on April 9, 2019
  • Series of performance based questions, given by a group of three to four people.
    They score your answers. Very competitive job interview.
    Shared on November 15, 2018

Interview questions at Department of Veterans Affairs

Commonly asked questions, as reported by candidates

  • 1. are you an honest person?
    2. you have failed at something on the job tell me how you overcame that failure

    3. you can be perfect and on time or late and good at something which are you? those are t…
    Shared on April 24, 2019
  • My interview was 5 minutes and the chief of the department asked me if I had thick skin or thin skin?
    Shared on December 27, 2018
  • They have a list of questions asking about real life situation and they write your answers down
    Shared on October 11, 2018
Interview tips at Department of Veterans Affairs
Dress code for the interview
  • Business casual (e.g. dress slacks)58%
  • Formal (business suit)36%
  • They didn’t have a dress code3%
  • Casual (t-shirt and jeans)2%
  • Special outfit (e.g. protective gear)1%
What advice do candidates give for interviewing at Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Be honest.
    Shared on August 7, 2017 - Program Support Clerk-Accounts Management - Smyrna, TN
  • Be completely aware of all opportunities afforded you with the position you are applying for.
    Shared on December 20, 2016 - Caregiver - Marion, IN
The first interview at Department of Veterans Affairs
How candidates got an interview
  • Other online application37%
  • Nothing is applicable18%
  • Employee referral17%
  • Recruiter contacted me10%
  • Paper application7%
How candidates received their first interview at Department of Veterans Affairs
  • I'm an experienced nurse. Attempted to secure employment earlier in my career via their employment portals at the time. No job with them. A former colleague went to work there, she reached out to me f…
    Shared on January 31, 2019
    Shared on October 19, 2018
  • I applied on USA jobs
    Shared on June 27, 2018 - Environmental Services - Providence, RI
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