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Dominos is a good fist job in the hospitality industry. Small to medium volume stores are a great place to get your feet wet and learn if you want to be in management or an owner.


free lunch


long hours
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What you’d expect

Low pay, all stores are always understaffed, poor management and questionable franchisees. As GM (or really any management) you can almost guarantee you won’t get any time off that you need. I worked upwards of 80 hours a week and was still unable to meet my labor goals. With the hours I put in, and being salaried, I was making about minimum wage.


Drivers make decent money sometimes


Long hours, unreasonable goals for bonuses, insultingly low salary.
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Busy, fun and stressful. Great high school job or if you're older, delivery drivers make great money. HUGE discrepancies in delivery area sizes.

Worked here before implementation of online ordering/tracking and was there when they brought in the Pizza Tracker and online ordering. Fun job with awesome co-workers but customers were more often than not extremely rude, expecting 30 min or less delivery times, not tipping drivers, etc. and even though you will both earn and be promised a raise, getting even a single $0.25 increase is akin to pulling teeth. Great high school job. But it stops being fun when you realize your delivery drivers work way less and make way more than GM


Easy job overall, awesome co-workers, free shift meals


constant new promotions & menu item announcements every other week, Avg delivery time/pizza tracker timer nightly numbers are a constant source of stress for staff, Rude and demanding customer demographic, high turnover rate amongst management
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Stay away from Twin Cities franchise locations. Definition of "employees are just a number " environment

Stay far away from this franchise. No PTO for store level employees. Benefits are truly insulting. They will milk every ounce of labor out of you They can get then turn around and question your dedication the first chance they have. Have had to cut business hours in half at several locations due to multiple instances of mass employee walk outs. Will manipulate,punish, threaten employees who assert basic rights.


Most store level employees are awesome people and workers, Can be good money for drivers, if you work at the right locations.


Owners lack of qualifications, and blatant disregard for employees well being, borders on comical. "Benefits", are laughable, no pto, and, sick time only available for those employed, at locations where city legislature requires sick pay.
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never promote

If you move up to any form of management you are expected to work anywhere from 50-70 hours a week, then once you get to GM you essentially take a pay cut but are expected to show up when ever called and never leave if its expected to get busy


no breaks, CSR make no tips, promised pay raises never received, to many hours
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Fun place to work

Fun place to work but pays on the low side and can be stressful at times. It's hard to keep employees most in store employees are young and don't care




No breaks
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Something out of an unfunny sitcom

I was hired as an external General Manager for West Valley Phoenix. The main training store for West Valley managers has a manager that will stare intensely in your face, physically wave their hands within personal boundaries and (I kid you not) screech loud bird/pterodactyl noises at you if they don't like your progression. If that's not enough to reflect the work culture for Phoenix Domino's then I don't know what is. GMs are dropping like flies within the valley and they do not understand the key to retention, respect. Instead of working with you to get the job done, they opt for screaming, belittling, burnout for the sake of spite and trash talking in online groups for other general managers as if they are children. If you have any respect for yourself, you wont work here. Especially West Valley Domino's.


Half off carryout, Livable salary


Zero work/life balance, no respect, high retention rates valley-wide, culture of misery.
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Love working at Domino’s

I love working at Domino’s it's such a good place to work! The driver job is easy and good money! If looking for a job you should check us out!
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Job is built around the manager,

Its overall a good job, you can advance as quickly as you put forth effort in learning and mastering your craft. Service metrics are on the monitors around the store so you can see how you're performing versus other stores in the area. Its fast paced but relatively easy work. You learn to make pizzas, catch the oven (if you're 18). Sweep, wipe tables, wash dishes, take trash, its all easy busy work. The physical toll for any position isn't much, but all positions are needed tremendously.


flexible schedule if not requiring weekends off


not many benefits provided by the company if not full-time or GM
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Too many hours

If you work day time they make you stay until 8 regardless of how staffed you are or how busy you are. You are required 50 hours and you end up working 60+with no extra compensation. Every bonus has a stipulation that makes them impossible to achieve. You will stretch dough for 10-12 hours a day while also doing a million other things. Your back and feet will be killing you every single day. You will be covered in sweat and cornmeal every day..
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No work life balance. If you’re single and want a steady paycheck while running a business this is ideal.

A general manager is paid salary but there is no work life balance. Turnover is high and if your corporate manager isn’t strong you struggle. Benefits can be good and they offer 401k. Opportunity to make a bunch of money but I feel like it heavily depends on the location of your store.




No work life balance. No lunch breaks or lunch. Expected to work all the time.
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The pay is good for what it is but...

I made more money every year that I’ve worked for my local franchise. I was also able to move up very quickly. With that said, it seems like every store I’ve worked at has a staffing problem and the people they are able to get in just don’t take work seriously. It could just be the area where I’m located since the 3 stores I’ve worked at are all within 25 miles of each other. We are always short handed and having to work 6 or sometimes even 7 days a week.


Pay, opportunity to advance


Short handed, no breaks, 6-7 days a week
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You can make alot of money if you don't care about having a life.

It's a great job to work temporarily and make a lot of money. However, if you are looking to have any kind of life-work balance you can forget it. You will have many 70+ hour weeks. Best case scenario you can work on average 55 hours.


Great pay for a job that does not require a college education.


No breaks, No life-work balance.
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Good place to start in management

Teaches you a lot of skills like management, hiring, customer service, phone operations, food and labor cost. Meet some pretty nice people majority of the time. Good place to start.
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Over worked and under paid

This job can be very demanding and you do not reap much of a Benefit. This pay is not nearly enough for the amount of work and stress required especially with no staff.




You don’t have time for your self, you don’t get breaks, you don’t make enough for the amount of work required, they fail to offer correct assistance. Hardly get time off, can’t enjoy holidays with family.
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Can be good days and bad days

Worked as a manager and a customer service representative. It was a decent job but very physically demanding in regards to being on your feet all day, especially with 12 hour shifts. The hours can be flexible depending on who you’re working with. Not a bad job to start out with, but I don’t suggest staying for long.


Flexible schedule, franchise based (typically good leadership above you)


Hardly any pay raise, overtime is not well compensated
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They don’t care about their employees

This place will work you to death 💀 and use you up and spit you out without any cares at all. They give you absolutely no training and after your first 90 days they cry wolf every other day about corporate inspections and never give praise




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Long hours, brand love for management is an absolute.

Domino's is a great place to work if you are looking for an extra job, or a full-time job while working towards another career. If you are looking to get into management, expect it to be a near, all-consuming thing.Management in Domino's requires everything, plus your first-born. True, it really depends on the franchise, and then your supervisors, but don't think for one second that you will ever achieve a true work-life balance.Store is understaffed? You have to fill the gap with severe multi-tasking, the mutation of several additional arms, and 20 red bulls. Need another closer because someone called out sick? Better drop what you're doing and head in, your child celebrates a birthday every year right?And while you can make a lot of money, it's never truly stable. And for the most part, you make your money based off of bonuses that vary wildly.Just finished the period with record sales while understaffed and not nearly enough people to maintain the standards that throws off your numbers for the entire period? Insiders and other management messed up on your inventory hurting your profit? Sorry, there goes your bonus. And good luck with surviving on just your base salary that equates to minimum wage.In all fairness, this really boils down to who you are working for. If you're lucky, you'll find yourself in a great franchise that cares and takes care of it's team members. They will support you whether you make it or not. You have to bear in mind though, this is ultimately a business; and business is about the numbers; and you are expected to bring those - 


If you have great team, it makes work so much more enjoyable.


You do, or do not. There is no try.
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Decent Pay, Work/LIfe Balance Poor

Like most restaurants you work nights and weekends and over time this can lead to the decay of personal relationships and overall health. Ownership was excellent, pay was okay, but matched with the hours you worked sometimes the equivalent hourly was not good.


Flexible Scheduling, Good Deal of Autonomy, Decent Pay


Poor Work Life Balance, Long Hours
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Stressful but solid

Overall, I had a decent time working here. I made good money and the benefits were good for full-time employees. I also made some lifelong friends here, but it is very hard to recommend this job to anyone for now. In VA, where I worked, being a driver here was significantly more worth it than any management position or line worker. With the upgraded pay they receive, and if you work in a nice area, it's amazing pay for the work. You practically drive 75% of the time and aren't expected to fill much of a role outside of that. The average pay for drivers at my store was like $20 and most of them sat around a lot of the time. Managers made $13-15 an hour and were expected to fill a very stressful spot. GMs are treated even worse, they are *required* to work 50 hours a week for about $22 an hour but you only get paid for 40 hours cause it is technically salary, but what's even worse is that most GMs in my area worked avg. like 60-70 hours to a week and even dealt with work off the clock too. STAY AWAY FROM BEING A MANAGER UNTIL THEY FIX THIS BS. I promise it's not worth it.... but being a driver is probably the best part-time job you could find yourself in.


Cool Coworkers, solid pay


No breaks, stressful
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Work for Domino's if you never want to see your family

Generally, you'll go into work to a short-staff because Domino's doesn't care about how few employees it has as long as they get their profit. Go work here if you never want to go home. Work here if you want to literally work every second of every day because even on your days off, you're going to either be bombarded by your employees or your employer. This company only pays their General Managers fairly, but it comes at the cost of all their time and sanity. It goes away. They try to cover the wound with money. If you are not a General Manager at Domino's, don't even waste your time. And even when you do become a General Manager, you are going to think you are pretty secure in your job, but I can assure you there is already someone else on the ready to take your job. You are not of worth here.If you have absolutely no will to live, have no children, have no spouse, have nothing, this job is for you. Go get it, tiger.


Absolutely nothing


Absolutely everything
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