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What would you suggest DoorDash management do to prevent others from leaving?

63 answers

Some of the “Dashers” SHOULD QUIT! They are getting more and more horrible! Long wait, orders delivered to the wrong place, food lukewarm, and not friendly.

There is know DoorDash without drivers. Appreciation day for drivers

Also, when you made tipping on the app optional, people are using this to get out of tipping. I get the same order every single night for a $3.00 dash which is not even worth the time to have to stand in line and wait on the food, much less the gas and time taken away from a decent paying dash, and they never tip. Nothing!! Not cool!

Reimburse the drivers for their tolls and gas usage

I have no idea why doordash has 3 stars instead of 1. Doordash is the worst paying company and never cares about the dashers. Every time is worst and worst. It’s cheap labor in America. Stop wasting your time and efforts working for a company that doesn’t appreciate you. What is wrong with you? As long as there are people who accept to be depreciated those thieves will be making money out of you and your efforts and you are going to be starving. Shame on you. Have some dignity!!

Stop stealing from the drivers. They STILL are doing it!!!

I have been a dasher for over a year I have over 900 deliveries. I have been told over and over take snap shots of the problems with door dash and we will compensate I had pics on top of pics names of door dash reps when u need to talk to supervisor no one gets back to you. They blame the Dasher for the ap problems when I moved to a different state it has been ok making good money for the long hours I have been out. Then just recently I went to one bigger city that I normally make good money at Friday I was getting orders for 12, 10, 8 a few 5.00 and some others I never got any orders for under 5.00 Then I went to a city close to my house waited a hour and a half for 1 order which I got when my husband said this is stupid let's go home it was for 4.42 to drive 15 minutes from where I started. I did not accept the order instead my husband called door dash due to my frustration. And asked about the order. Then just yesterday I went back to the same city I used to got first order was for 4.42 accepted the order went picked up and dropped off then second order for 2.61 took screen shots and called door dash they said they changed the pay scale in August well in August the pay scale was still good so now here it is coming to the biggest time when the weather gets worse and they want dashers well the sad part is people that can not get out will not be able to get orders they will go to other companies which is what I will do also I like helping people and seeing smiles on their faces I have met alot of great merchants, customers, etc and now nothing. So if you are wanting to become a Dasher don't waste your time, energy, gas. Check out different companies. Make sure you get paid what you are worth for your time and wear and tear on your vehicles etc. Good luck to all

Restore the prior pay scale. The new pay scale has reduced pay by over 50%. If you are going to pay $2.00 to deliver an order, do not penalize drivers for not accepting these orders.

Secondly, fix the app. There are continual glitches which impacts drivers credibility with restaurants and customers.

Stop dropping the pay rates, for us hard working drivers. We deserve more. We had a fairly decent pay, but then the pay rate dropped 5 dollars less, per delivery that we used to make? Really?

Separate parts of the city for delivieries , for example I live in a suburban area of California, when door dash hits me up to get the order , it can be 20 minutes just going to the restaurant and 20 mins back that's 40 minutes of driving and basically 20 mins of waiting to get your order settle in and hand the food to the customer , door dash only pays a small delivery fee that's less than minimum wage , so in that whole hour you made less than min wage , I think doordash should pay a delivery fee of at least what the min wage costs , or they should just give up shifts that pay a gurantee hourly min, so two hour shift if we don't make at least 25 for that whole two hours doordash should cover the difference witch is min wage were I'm at , they should pay what min wage costs in the city your in , that's how most independent contractor work used to be but it's not no more

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