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February 3, 2023
DTE reduced customer winter heating bills by almost $5 million beginning in February. Based on our company's natural gas purchasing strategy, customers will enjoy further savings as DTE continues to reduce its' Gas Cost Recovery (GCR) rate. What is the Gas Cost Recovery rate? DTE customers only pay what our company pays for natural gas. “Keeping energy costs affordable for our customers, especially during the winter when customers really need to keep the heat and lights on, is one of our top priorities,” said Joi Harris, president and chief operating officer, DTE Gas. “This bill reduction, which comes at the time of year when customer use of natural gas is at its highest, proves that our buying strategy works.”

Our DTE Culture

At DTE, our employees are improving lives with their energy. This is best seen in our company’s culture, one built on the idea of service. We are committed to serving one another, our customers and our communities in safe, caring, dependable and efficient ways, always. Our company is changing the future of energy. Join us to build that future, together.

DTE Culture Spotlight: Volunteerism

Our culture of service comes to life through our employees’ active volunteerism efforts. Annually, DTE employees donate over 47,000 hours to communities across Michigan.

DTE Culture Spotlight: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Our company’s commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion works to create a welcoming and equitable workplace for everyone. Meet … DTE engineer Alexis T. “As an engineer, it’s important to collaborate with others to achieve a common goal, which I see greatly in our company’s inclusion initiatives.”

DTE Culture Spotlight: Health & Wellbeing

Delivering electricity and gas to homes across Michigan requires an unwavering focus on the safety and health of our employees and customers. Ensuring that every DTE team member returns home as safely as they arrive includes robust training and ongoing leadership support. For us, however, our commitment to the total wellbeing of our employees goes deeper. We’ve thought broadly about what “safe” could be and how that might show up in our everyday lives. DTE’s robust Health & Wellbeing program encourages employees and their families to live more engaged, balanced and healthier lives through a variety of programs, support services and resources. Our company is changing the future of energy. Join us to build that future, together.

DTE's Journey Into the Future

At DTE Energy, we believe that the defining environmental issue of our time is climate change. Here at DTE we are taking a hands-on approach and innovating solutions to combat it. Right now, we are transforming our power generation fleet and we've become the largest producer of wind and solar energy in the state of Michigan, currently powering 700,000 homes. In the next few years, we’ll produce enough renewable energy to power nearly a million homes. We’ve already reduced carbon emissions 30% since 2005 and will further cut these emissions to 50% by 2030 and 80% by 2040 as we set a course to achieve our net zero goal by 2050. But DTE can’t solve this alone … we need bright and smart minds to help us. Our Future is YOU.

DTE Offers Stability & Growth

As Michigan’s leading utility company, providing energy services to millions of customers and businesses, DTE Energy offers our employees stability as well as great growth opportunities. Meet… Manny R., Engineering Supervisor at DTE’s Blue Water Energy Center. “I found my way to DTE almost 10 years ago through a Google search that jump-started my career as an intern. Today, I am living out my passion for engineering by leading our company’s build out of the Blue Water Energy Center. In addition, I work with DTE’s DEI teams to support inclusive recruiting and welcoming new employees as they begin their journeys”.

DTE Offers Flexible Work Environments

While we’re deeply committed to serving our customers and communities, DTE Energy is equally committed to serving our employees. From the start of the pandemic, we extended our employees the flexibility of working remote and onsite virtually when needed. Leaders, teams, and individual employees develop hybrid work plans to best fit their goals, to ensure our company’s success. Meet… our Customer Resolution Specialist team who serve the communities in which they live.

Employee Spotlight: Meet DTE Engineer...

Meet… DTE engineer Katie L., who grew up in Midland and followed in her father’s footsteps by pursuing an engineering degree from Central Michigan University. “As a female you may sometimes have more of a tendency to limit yourself,” Katie said. “But you can push those limits if you stay committed to working out of your comfort zone and focused on delivering results." Katie joined DTE Energy as a co-op student and upon graduation, she stepped into a reliability engineering opportunity that oversees the 21 compression units that pump natural gas at our Taggart Compression Station.

Employee Spotlight: Meet DTE Student Co-op...

Meet… Anthony W., supporting project management at our Pontiac Service Center. Lifelong Detroiter Anthony W. balances his studies at Tennessee State University with his project management internship at DTE.

Employee Spotlight: Meet DTE Nuclear Facility Manager...

Meet… DTE Fermi Nuclear Facility Manager Rich M. Rich joined the Fermi team 29 years ago after serving our country in the Navy. “Our FERMI nuclear facility is a 24/7/365 operation run by great, caring people who deliver a carbon-free, stable energy product to our customers and communities with pride.”

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