Durham School Services Donates School Bus to Knowledge Quest


We meet State and Federal mandates for school bus driver training in every State in which we operate. We teach our employees, passengers and communities how to be safe—on and off the school bus. We value the safety of children, employees and the public.

The best-trained drivers in the business work for Durham because we devote a significant amount of resources, training and development to our employees. School buses are required to meet the most stringent safety regulations, and our drivers ensure they are operated safely. Employees are held accountable to meet the highest standards, ensuring the safety of your students. Because we care to the extent we do, our employees do the right thing.


We are industry leaders when it comes to maintaining our buses, to ensure passenger safety. Every school day, our drivers do a multi-point inspection before and after each route to check for maintenance issues that need immediate attention. In addition, all buses are subject to comprehensive preventive maintenance inspections at least three times a year; that is above and beyond government requirements. All inspections include examining everything from addressing cosmetic issues to checking tires, brakes, engine performance and suspension.

About Durham School Services

Durham provides safe and reliable transportation to students across the United States, transporting over 1,000,000 students daily, offering:
•The safest and best-trained employees
•Unmatched customer service
•Operational best practices
•Technology-based solutions
•Financial efficiencies and cost savings
•Stewards of the environment

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