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September 19, 2023
Our world looks and functions the way it does because of the countless hours skilled men and women spend on jobsites across the country. During this National Construction Appreciation Week, we wanted to take a moment to extend our sincere thank you to the men and women building the future of our communities, and the foundations of where we live, work, learn and more. #ConstructionAppreciationWeek #EquipmentShare #PeopleFirst #ConstructionPros
construction worker on a beam and a graphic that says Thank You

About Us

HELPING CONTRACTORS GET MORE WORK DONE. EquipmentShare helps contractors across the country build better and work smarter with the help of EquipmentShare Track smart jobsite technology. In an industry ripe for disruption and innovation, EquipmentShare offers smart jobsite solutions that help contractors improve productivity and efficiency. OUR MISSION Our mission is to offer contractors a better way to manage mixed construction fleets by leveraging technology solutions to work smarter, more efficiently and increase productivity.


At EquipmentShare, we are trustworthy, innovative, curious and unafraid to take charge. Our values create a culture of trust, integrity and accountability: Customers First We’re focused on the needs of our customers. Responsive to the market, we actively engage with potential clients every day. We want to understand their needs, so we can better serve them. Professionalism We solve emergencies immediately. We’re professionals who are continuously improving every aspect of our business, including software, vehicles, equipment, facilities and behavior. Encouraging Curiosity Insatiable inquisitiveness drives exploration and innovation. It’s what turns cutting-edge into the norm. We’re not people who ask “why?” We’re the people who ask “why not?” Working Smarter Hard work is a cornerstone of success, but even better is smart work. Proactive, instead of reactive, we anticipate change, push boundaries and actively engage disruptive forces. A Sense of Ownership Everyone in our company is responsible for our success. We inspire creativity, passion and optimism. Because we learn from our outcomes and are always searching for better solutions, we expect tomorrow to be even better than today. Celebrating Accomplishments We believe success should be recognized. We celebrate individual, team and company achievements frequently and spontaneously.


BE A PART OF SOMETHING THAT’S CHANGING EVERYTHING. EquipmentShare is a company of visionaries, groundbreakers, doers and innovators set on revolutionizing the construction industry. Join our team of passionate, capable people changing the way contractors work.

How We Work

A TEAM OF ALL KINDS, WORKING TOWARD ONE GOAL. Some of our employees grew up in construction and are their happiest in the field, at the yard or on the jobsite building connections with customers. Others thrive at the office or remote workspace, elbow-deep in code or new product creation. We’re spread across the nation (and beyond), but we’re connected by our passion for solving problems together. Do you want to be a part of the team that’s modernizing the trillion-dollar construction industry? Is it time you discovered a better place to work?


OUR PEOPLE COME FIRST, ALWAYS. At EquipmentShare, you are more than just an employee, and we want your job to be more than just a paycheck. We put our people and their needs first so you can come to work every day feeling challenged, valued and like you’re making a difference. Because you are. Stay healthy and happy. We offer full benefits, including medical, dental and vision insurance. Feel valued with competitive compensation. We don’t subscribe to the “overworked and underpaid” theory. Build a SOLID financial foundation. Save for your golden years with our 401(k) plan. We put our people first. We boast team outings, stocked kitchens and a welcoming environment to make sure you’re happy when you’re at work. Work and life don’t have to be a balancing act. We know work is just one part of life, so we offer paid holidays and value our employees’ time outside of the office. We give you perks inside and outside the office. Our employees get exclusive discounts on products and services just for being a part of the EquipmentShare family.

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