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About FormLA Landscaping

FormLA Landscaping is a full-service design+build and maintenance firm. We believe the authentic beauty of Los Angeles can save the city... we know our sustainable approach saves the health and well-being of our team too. Many of our design+build and maintenance team members have been with us throughout our more than 20 years in business. While – 
Team members receive frequent training in both landscaping and "soft" skills.We look good when we roll up!Landscape maintenance team member hand-watering an edible garden in Brentwood.Our team takes pride in maintaining some of LA's most beautiful spaces.
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Day in the Life: Reduce LA's Fire Risk

Our team saves lives and properties by helping to reduce LA's fire risk. Here, Maintenance Care Manager Oscar Ortega discusses the sustainable landscape maintenance and management strategies we use to protect Angelenos.

Why We Provide Tools

Our maintenance team showcasing the tools they use at Descanso Gardens.
It’s pretty normal for landscaping companies to expect their “crew” members to bring their own tools to the job. This adds a barrier to entry into the profession we see as pointless. Instead, we ensure our teams have all the tools they need. Here's why. We want your best work - that means having the right tool for the job. It’s more efficient - when in the garden, our teams know any tool there is a tool to share. We need different tools - we use tools and equipment that are in sync with our commitment to sustainability. It’s equitable - we provide laptops to our office staff. Why wouldn't we provide tools for the rest of the team?

Why We Provide PPE

As we learned we would be allowed to work through Safer at Home, our team discussed what it would look like to keep one another safe and to feel good doing it. Providing PPE was one of the most basic requests, and it is fully in-line with our approach of providing all the tools our teams need to effectively and safely accomplish each task. Find more about our reasons for providing PPE for each team member at

Day in the Life: Maintenance Team

We don't just work outside. We work in nature! The native plants in the gardens we've designed and built attract birds, butterflies, bees, lizards and other wildlife. Because our maintenance methods and tools are quiet and chemical free, its not uncommon for us to hear birdsong as we work.

A Day in the Life: Maintenance Team Members

Surrounded by greenery, a FormLA Landscaping team member rakes mulch into place.
Our work is anything but "mow and go." As a maintenance team member, you'll structurally prune foliage, deadhead blooms, sweep, rake, and adjust lighting and irrigation systems. You'll be respected for your horticultural and systems expertise by both your team and clients.

A Day in the Life: Maintenance Team Members

As a maintenance team member, you'll work with the latest systems and be valued for your technical expertise.

A Day in the Life: Maintenance Team Members

Maintenance care managers and a landscape architect on a bridge in a FormLA Landscaping garden.
As a maintenance team member, your work is essential to ensuring our gardens reach their full potential. Our designers appreciate that and will work with you to grow and evolve the gardens you maintain.

Be Good to Your Heart!

Western Redbud's heart-shaped leaves turn red to mahogany in autumn.
By and large, working outside and being in nature is good for the heart, yet, common landscaping practices create unnecessary risks. Emissions from gas-powered equipment are connected with heart attacks and arrhythmia. Pesticide use doubles the risk of heart-health issues, and herbicides are connected to ischemic heart disease. Here are 3 ways we protect our hearts and yours: People-Powered Tools: Using our muscle and know-how keeps the air we breathe clean and our gardens well-structured and healthy. Electric Equipment: Where power is necessary, we use electric equipment. It's effective, and there is a noticeable difference in how we feel at the end of a work day. Chemical-Free Management: We use no toxic chemical pesticides, insecticides, or fertilizers are unnecessary. Birds, butterflies, beneficial insects and wildlife do the work for us!

Day in the Life: Mason

FormLA Landscaping Mason Andy Aoyagi
What's it like to be a mason with FormLA Landscaping? Mason Andy Aoyagi says: "Dirty. Noisy. Fun!" Learn More: