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It Takes All of Us

A job with a future that helps make history.

Joining Genentech means being part of a tradition of inquiry that will change the world. It means embracing our failures as much as our successes. It requires a willingness to look beyond the edge of what's possible. And a focus on doing the day-to-day work that makes great science happen.

When you work at Genentech, you'll come to understand that helping to make history by changing the course of medicine requires inspiration that can only come from a combined commitment to passion, purpose, and people.

We invented biotechnology. And we’re driven to do it again, every day. The passion that drives us is the belief that the science of life — biology — holds the keys to solving life's toughest health challenges. Innovative science is the basis of our existence and the foundation for our future. We focus on long-term success and the difference we make in the lives of patients.

Doing your job well positively impacts the lives of millions of patients. This is our purpose. Each individual patient inspires our researchers to do groundbreaking science. Their stories motivate us all to continue developing new treatment options for people with serious or life-threatening diseases

Our one-of-a-kind culture is built on diversity, dedication, and celebration. We bring together the most talented employees we can find, and then we give them room to be themselves. By encouraging diversity in all its forms — thought, skill, experience, culture and style — we arrive at new ways of doing things.

Living 10 Years in the Future

Power the passion that helps patients

Science is our guiding force. And while of the best scientists in biotechnology work here, you don't have to be a scientist or researcher to build a great career at Genentech. Because we know that it takes everyone to power the passion that helps patients.

Scientists and Research Associates
Rigorous and pioneering science is at our core. Join more than 1,200 research scientists and 100 post-docs who combine strong basic research with an applied focus on translational research to bring medicines to patients as quickly as possible. You’ll be part of a creative and active scientific community bolstered by meaningful outcomes for patients.

Engineering, Manufacturing, and Quality Professionals
Follow your passion for quality to Genentech. It’s in our DNA. Here, more than 12,500 employees around the world are thinking creatively and using their insights to turn molecular discoveries into a high-quality supply of medicines. Every day our Pharma Technical (PT) operations group works to change the lives of millions by leveraging Genentech’s global presence and the industry’s best pipeline, including the management of 92 product families that account for 4,397 Stock Keeping Units (SKUs).

Sales and Marketing Professionals
You’re all about plotting the path for the medicines of the future and changing the lives of millions for the better. Whether shaping a drug’s brand strategy or helping external customers understand the benefits of our therapies, you’re doing so with a bold, big picture perspective.

Corporate Professionals
You may not be a scientist but you’re just as driven by the desire to help millions of people struggling with unmet medical needs. There are countless opportunities to make meaningful contributions across Corporate Groups, including:

• Great site management makes great work possible. Site Services fosters a forward-thinking, sustainable environment — all in support of the science that touches millions.
• Cultivating the talent behind the science is what Human Resources is all about. They do this by continually finding new ways to help people work better while offering incomparable benefits and professional enrichment.
• Corporate Relations is defining the future of communications in biotech and beyond. Their work is about more than marketing. It’s about making a difference by leveraging imagination, collaboration, and creativity to build a global brand.
• Finance is fueling the fight against the world’s most formidable diseases by applying a data-driven approach to arrive at financial insights that make a difference.
• Developing unprecedented system innovations is at the heart of Pharma Informatics, where people don’t just want to make servers run better. They want their work to help people get better.
• It takes diverse Legal minds to make much-needed medicine a reality, shaping the future by shaping policy. This collegial, collaborative team is guiding cutting-edge science through the legal landscape, and changing lives in the process.
• We make Healthcare Compliance everyone’s job but specialists in this area play a critical role in business performance and operations by creating and managing effective compliance policies.

Interns & Co-ops
You’re not interested in the typical internship or co-op experience. Rigor and meaning are what you crave, plus the chance to work side-by-side with the best minds in biotech. No matter where you work — opportunities exist at our headquarters in South San Francisco, plus facilities in Vacaville, Calif.; Oceanside, Calif.; and Hillsboro, Oreg.— you’ll grow through business-critical projects and hands-on industry training.

Veterans and People With Disabilities
You know that there’s no better mission than prolonging people’s lives. The experiences of veterans and people with disabilities strengthen Genentech and our mission.

Our Genentech Veterans and Diversity Team (GVDT) recognizes and leverages the unique strengths and contributions that veterans bring to daily operation, ensuring that qualified veterans play key roles at all levels of the organization.

Genentech’s People with Disabilities (PwD) Initiative reflects our history of respecting and valuing individuals with diverse perspectives and skills. Through PwD, a cross-functional task force that promotes the potential and power of people with disabilities, we make accessibility and inclusion priorities.

What this means to you, regardless of your background, is the chance to work where difference is valued. Where multiple approaches and points of view are celebrated. Where diversity is viewed in the broadest sense. Together, we will arrive at new insights and different approaches that result in even better outcomes for the millions of patients that Genentech serves.

About Genentech

Genentech, now a member of the Roche Group, is a leading biotechnology company that discovers, develops, manufactures and commercializes medicines to treat patients with serious or life-threatening medical conditions. We have been delivering on the promise of biotechnology for almost 40 years, with multiple products on the market and a promising development – more... 

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