Nursing Overview

What is it like to be a nurse at Good Shepherd? The better question to ask is, what does it feel like to inspire others and be part of a family? Caring for our patients is like being invited into their homes where they continue to make strides towards a healthier life. Working with a team of compassionate individuals, who want to see you succeed is both motivating and uplifting. It is our mission to provide hope to those in our care. We do that by being the best and providing the highest level of service for anyone who walks through our doors. Good Shepherd is not only a rehabilitation hospital, we are a home, we are your community, and we are your family. When you are an employee here at Good Shepherd, you are part of that.

GSRN Overview

Good Shepherd Rehabilitation is the provider of choice for over 60,000 people each year. We are the first choice by thousands not only for our quality of care, but for the friendly, uplifting, and rewarding environment we provide for both patients and employees. Being an employee at Good Shepherd means you are part of something greater than yourself. Whether you’re working side by side with a patient or you work behind the scenes, you are able to make a difference in someone’s life. We have been helping others for over a century as a nonprofit organization. We continue to do so by hiring the most talented care givers possible for our patients because they deserve nothing but the highest quality of care. We listen to the needs of our staff to create an environment where they can succeed. In order for our patients to succeed and be the best, so do our employees.

Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Network…. We hire the best to be the best.

Rehabilitation Technology

We provide the most effective rehabilitative technologies that improve the way our employees do their jobs. What was thought to be impossible years ago, we are now proving is possible. With the use of our EXO and other rehabilitative technologies, we can give our patients the treatments that they need to be able to walk again. Here at Good Shepherd, we do not settle for average, our staff goes above and beyond to help everyone who comes through our doors.

About Good Shepherd Rehabilitation

Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Network, based in Allentown, Pennsylvania, is a nationally recognized rehabilitation leader, offering a continuum of care for people with physical and cognitive disabilities and specializing in assistive and rehabilitation technologies.

Almost 60,000 people come to Good Shepherd each year for specialized programs in
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