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About Green Clean Restoration & Carpet Care

Locally-owned and operated Green Clean was founded in 1996. Since then, it has established itself as a reputable cleaning and restoration company offering both homeowners and businesses throughout the Twin Cities Metro area quality service. We are a resourceful company that is actively adapting to not just survive but to thrive during this pandemic, – 
In addition to carpet cleaning, we also offer quality, reliable emergency restoration services.We have a three step process that goes above and beyond to achieve a great result.Carpet cleaning.We love where we work, and we work together well!
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Company Snapshot

Founded in 1996, Green Clean has established a reputation for delivering high-quality cleaning and restoration services for homeowners and businesses throughout the entire Twin Cities metro. You can learn more by visiting our website at

Green Clean Carpet Care

Putting the "care" in "carpet care."

Why Join Us

At Green Clean, we pride ourselves in caring for our employees, even in the midst of uncertain times. Because of this, we take advanced protective measures vetting, training, educating and resourcing each of our team members. We believe in setting a peerless standard of service and care. But don’t just take our word for it, here’s what our current team members are saying:

Dan's Green Clean Experience

I joined the Green Clean team because I wanted to help people experiencing water, fire or mold damage along with being challenged to grow myself. Over 3 years later I have gained new skills that have improved my life all around. The owners truly care about you and help maintain the work life balance. Join a winning team today because we win or learn we never lose.

Aaron's Green Clean Experience

Join a team that truly equips you and sets YOU up for success! I've been sent to multiple trainings and received countless hours of on the job investment to help me become a great carpet technician. I feel like I'm restoring health back into family's homes and I'm helping my company to grow and be successful as well. Invest in yourself, and make a difference in people's lives; join the Green Clean team!