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We believe outstanding health care is delivered when we merge the science and intellect of medicine with the compassion, spirit, and humanity of our hearts. We refer to this as "Head + Heart, Together," and it's the way we talk about our culture. We achieve this by partnering with patients and families in everything from care decisions to service and – more... 

  • The teams at our 7 birth centers helped deliver nearly 10,000 babies over the course of 2018. 👶🏼 Click the link in our bio to find out which 6 names tied to pop culture were common enough to make our top baby names list!
  • 91 employees from our Diversity & Inclusion and our LGBTQ Business Engagement Network volunteered 220 hours at Open Arms to help make sure people living with life threatening illnesses have nutritious meals for themselves and their families. They worked the farm (in the rain!), prepped food in the kitchen, and delivered meals right to their front door. We are so proud of our hard working colleagues who are constantly demonstrating that every person is welcomed, every person is included, and every person is valued.
  • “I don’t normally get emotional about old pieces of imaging equipment. But one x-ray machine made me tear up a little this summer.⁣⁣
We recently upgraded our x-ray equipment at Westfields Hospital, and had one portable x-ray machine we no longer needed. (That’s me in the green with my colleagues with it.)⁣⁣
I got talking with one of our radiologists, Dr. Michael Grogan, and he let me know about a colleague who volunteers at a rural health center in Bwambo, Tanzania. Dr. Mark Druffner (who’s in pic #4 on the left) has been visiting St. Luke’s Health Center since 2009, spending 5 weeks a year treating patients and helping train staff.⁣⁣
Although we no longer needed it, our old portable x-ray machine was still in perfect working condition. So I asked if Dr. Druffner could use it.⁣
The answer was a resounding yes! St. Luke’s had no imaging equipment. That made it incredibly difficult for the doctors and nurses to diagnose and treat patients with some of the most common conditions seen there. That includes femur fractures and head injuries from motorcycle accidents, as well as pneumonia or pulmonary tuberculosis.⁣⁣
So, I worked with our Supply Chain Department to complete the paperwork to donate our x-ray machine.
A shipping company came onsite to construct a crate to protect the x-ray machine on its long voyage, and a semi-trailer came to collect the cargo. Then, off it went – on an 8,500-mile journey from New Richmond, Wis., U.S., to Tanzania, Africa.⁣
Once it arrived at the health center – via a torturous trip up into the 7,000-foot mountains – the x-ray machine sat unused for weeks because no one there knew how to set up or use it.⁣⁣
Then, in July, Dr. Druffner flew out for his yearly visit. And soon after, these photos arrived of our old x-ray machine being used to help diagnose and form treatment plans for the 40,000 Tanzanians served by St. Luke’s. To see our piece of equipment now producing life-changing images in Tanzania gave me a feeling of joy that will forever be in my heart. 💗” - Westfields Imaging Director Shannon O’Keefe
  • What an inspiration you are, Mary Grace! HealthPartners and Park Nicollet are so proud to be among your biggest supporters. 😊 #TransWeek #TDOR #support #awareness

In 1973, Mary Grace St. Claire had been “diagnosed” as transgender by doctors who still viewed it as a disorder, and had become suicidal. She says the subsequent decades of struggling to reconcile her true identity with the one other people perceived rendered her tired, weary, passionless.

But then, in 2003, Mary Grace had a serious motorcycle accident and a brush with death that instilled in her a newfound fearlessness. After recovering at Methodist Hospital, she was inspired her to get in touch with the identity that she had been forced to hide her entire life. And since her transition at just shy of 60 years old, Mary Grace has volunteered daily with Park Nicollet, with her sense of purpose and inner peace having been significantly restored.

Read more of Mary Grace’s story in Lavender Magazine: http://bit.ly/MaryGraceStoryInLavender
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