HealthStream employees, or HealthStreamers, are united through our company's vision statement to "improve the quality of healthcare by assessing and developing the people that deliver care." We take pride in bringing this vision to life as we work collectively to achieve business objectives and strive personally to grow as individuals.
We participate in exciting and challenging, team-driven projects that span various departments. Working here, you will find opportunity and responsibility at your fingertips.

We Serve the People Providing Healthcare

HealthStreamers are committed to solving big problems in healthcare. Across the care continuum, there are challenges stemming from demographic changes, governmental mandates and the need for higher quality of care. HealthStream helps organizations strengthen the revenue cycle, improve care transitions, increase retention, reduce risk, plan for leadership succession, be more compliant and more. What drives our work is HealthStream’s philosophy that “every patient deserves the best possible workforce.”

Buddy Program for New Employees

HealthStream’s Buddy Program is designed to help new employees successfully build connections with other team members. We want new employees to feel welcome at HealthStream — starting on day one. A “Buddy” is an existing employee who offers guidance regarding day-to-day work aspects and who promotes a sense of belonging.

Inclusion and Diversity at HealthStream

HealthStream seeks to promote an inclusive workspace where a variety of perspectives and diversity of thought help to improve business outcomes.
Some examples of our efforts in diversity are our employee-driven teams, job fairs and the internship program. HealthStreamers are able to engage in an array of teams that are completely employee-governed. Through the employee-driven teams, we are able to have a hand in community outreach such as Nashville Pride and other volunteer opportunities. We also participate in several different job fairs throughout each year.
HealthStream is proud to facilitate a diverse and ever-growing internship program where students are exposed to a number of experiences and roles within a Healthcare IT company. It's important to HealthStream that every employee is empowered to bring their unique talents to the table.

Our Veterans-Served Our Country. Now Serving the Healthcare Industry.

About HealthStream

HealthStream is dedicated to improving patient outcomes through the development of healthcare organizations’ greatest asset: their people.

Our suite of software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions are used by healthcare employees in the U.S. for training & learning management, talent management, performance assessment, credentialing, and managing simulation-based
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