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Henry Schein, Inc. (Nasdaq: HSIC) is a solutions company for health care professionals powered by a network of people and technology.

With more than 18,000 Team Schein Members worldwide, the Company's network of trusted advisors provides over 1 million customers globally with more than 300 valued solutions that improve operational success and clinical
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  • “It only took a few hours working in the ER to know I wasn’t cut out to be a clinician. I’d always been interested in the medical field and wasn’t ready to give up on that dream, so I pursued a career as a 911 dispatcher. It was stressful work and I knew it wasn’t quite the right fit either, but I stuck with it. When I eventually was hired at Henry Schein — it was exactly where I needed to be. It’s a completely different environment here and in a good way. My coworkers, the field reps, the office staff — they’re so willing to come together to help not only our customers but each other. Recently, I was humbled to find out that I was nominated for a Teddy Philson Team Schein Award, Henry Schein’s award for embodying the Company’s values, by someone who I don’t get to speak with often. I’m very proud of what I do, so I’m grateful to know that my work has an impact, even on those I least expect it to. So in the end, I still wound up in health care.” #IAMTEAMSCHEIN

Wendy Klein
Customer Care Representative
Henry Schein Medical: Reno, NV
6.5 Years with Henry Schein

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  • Best-in-class supply chain is just the beginning.
We help health care professionals operate successful practices, so they can focus on what’s most important: Delivering the best care to patients.
#RelyOnHenrySchein for solutions to improve patient care 👩‍⚕️ business efficiency 👨‍💼 technology integration 👩‍💻 and inventory management 📦
  • “Hearing my wife recount her days at Henry Schein left me enamored. Each story provided a glimpse into the Company’s culture, and I quickly gleaned that this was a place that cared for its people. The family-like atmosphere she described left me wanting to grow my career there, and while I wasn’t aware at the time, my decision to join would impact me forever. Henry Schein regularly offers free wellness exams for a variety of common concerns, and on that particular day, I had chosen to participate in a cardiovascular check. It was going well until the nurse expressed concern for a swollen nodule and encouraged me to get it checked more closely. Cancer is a very difficult diagnosis to hear and an even harder one to process, but thankfully we caught it early. If it weren’t for that screening, I might not have been so lucky. I owe so much to this Company — not only my career but my health — and for that I couldn’t be more grateful.” #IAMTEAMSCHEIN

Robert Kivita
Dental Service Hub: Melville, NY
8.5 Years with Henry Schein

Interested in joining Team Schein? Visit us for opportunities using the link in our bio.
  • Around the world, Team Schein is spreading joy to children and families for the holiday season! #HSCares #TeamSchein #HappyHolidays
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