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667 questions about working at Hobby Lobby

667 questions
  • I would be honest with my staff. Lying is not good when the company I'd supposed to be a Christian based business

    Answered June 27, 2021
  • Employees are around my age so I made lots of friends

    Answered November 27, 2020
  • At my store in Tennessee, we cannot be kept past 11:59 due to an incident where employees were kept after 1am and had to be back as early as 6-7am the next morning, which did not settle well with upper management.( which seems ridiculous to be there almost 6 hours after closing with no breaks or lunches, especially for those that only got a 15 minute break to begin with) If you are under 18, it is against the law to be out on the road after 10pm, or at least in TN. So there is also that. Our managers will get in big time trouble if a minor clocks out at even 10:01!Hope this helps!

    Answered October 27, 2019
  • I would say well dress on time be calm and be respectful to interviewer

    Answered June 11, 2020
  • Great Question! To learn more about Hobby Lobby check out our About Us page - http://www.hobbylobby.com/about-us/our-story,

    Answered by Hobby LobbyJanuary 25, 2017
  • I've worked for Hobby Lobby for 4 years, the experience really depends on the store manager. We have had only one store manager for 15 years so consistency is there. The manager we have is great and even worked around my college classes. I graduated pretty much right when Covid-19 happened, and she gave me a full time position since I had no where else to turn. My one complaint though is the Corporate aspect of the stores. Company policies are sometimes questionable and they have not dealt very well with the pandemic.

    Answered July 20, 2020
  • At my location, the old managers would try to make you their friend so you feel a sense of importance, try to joke around so it’s a good environment to be in and treat you like family, but with that said the managers never did any work but just complain about people who aren’t doing THEIR jobs right. Recently got a new manager and she just treats people so horribly. They would talk about you behind your back to another associate, they will get mad and yell at you if you didn’t do the one specific task they told you to do from another day when the opening manager told you to do something different. Yell at you for working in another department such as framing or fabric because no one else is there to cover. Yell at you when you tell them you are going on your lunch late but have coverage in the department. Treats you like you are nothing and due to low sale IN THE MIDDLE OF A GOLBAL PANDEMIC is all your fault. Makes you work from open to close with just one 30 min break. Yells at you for injuring yourself. Complains to everyone that you have no help in your own department but DOESNT do anything to fix the situation. Ignores you when you page for the manager because they don’t like you enough to be bothered by whatever it is you are paging them for making the customers think that you are incompetent and complains or complains to upper management because they aren’t doing their job. Also spends hours in the office talking about nothing work related just so they don’t have to deal with customers. Complains if you have to be out of work for about a month because you are having surgery and comparing different associates past health issues as “unacceptable”. Not allowing you to fully recover from said surgery because their job would be at stake. Using up all paid vacation and ppto just so they can keep their job. Not even allowed time off when nowhere near the “Blackout period”, will write you up for stealing when you accidentally hit the wrong sale button. Will write you up when you weren’t trained properly. Will get mad when you are seen talking to another associate. Will pick on you for almost anything you do. Yells at you for forgetting on clocking out. Will publicly show who their favorites are and if you aren’t one of them then the whole store turns on you. Pretty much make your time working the worst time ever so you are forced to quit because they have no real reason to fire you. Gives customers broken items and sell them for full price because the customer DIDNT see or have the knowledge that the item does not work.

    Answered August 1, 2020
  • Truck day is my favorite day of the week where Hobby lobby products arrive and we unload them from trucks. stock men/women prepare the items and un-box and organize them into carts and the department team members or general team members then push the carts full of items to each department and re supply that department with products. Its a lot of physical work but if you like to keep busy like me its great.

    Answered February 12, 2019
  • Not too flexible, managers get upset when you ask to switch days or let them know you won’t be able to go in. They put you on days you aren’t even available and they don’t tell you anything. You find out by looking at the schedule that they’ve already made un-consented changes.

    Answered November 27, 2020
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