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Interviewing at Homee

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Interview process at Homee

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What candidates say about the interview process at Homee

  • Very positive atmosphere. I was in a slacks/shirt and tie. My interviewer (now boss) was in slacks and a polo. He asked regular interview questions based on my resume and explained how the app works a…
    Shared on May 14, 2019 - Market Manager - Jacksonville, FL and Orlando, FL
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Interview questions at Homee

Commonly asked questions, as reported by candidates

  • Are you comfortable switching things up when need be? Such as moving to a different team or department to help out.
    Shared on March 29, 2021 - Order Management - Tampa, FL
  • Is there advancement available?Do you give trainings for staff?
    Shared on October 10, 2019 - Senior Case Manager, Mental Health / MICA - Bronx, NY

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