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What advice would you give the CEO of JCPenney about how to improve it?

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  • Ceo & district managers need to work the stores !! They sit in an office & complain about $$. Bring yourself to the optical department and actually work & risk your life !!

  • Mr. CEO
    Before fire any associate see their work performance. Gave then one chance to fix their mistake. If you want to fire employee do them who just came and do nothing and go home. Those kind of employee is most loss of your business not hardworking .

  • Stop the “clique” atmosphere and teach the supervisors some people skills! They freely dish out negative feedback on a regular basis, but rarely compliment a job well done. The manager was well aware of the toxic, backstabbing atmosphere, and turned a blind eye and a deaf ear.
    Give associates proper training before sending them out in the floor so they will have a fighting chance to succeed.

    Get enough staff to make the store look presentable! With no one to do recovery, 90% of the time the store I worked at looked like a rummage sale, and I heard those comments from customers. When district managers or corporate reps were coming, there was a big push to make the store look as neat as a pin, the rest of the time it was a disaster. I think it should be much more important to have a well organized, stoppable store for the customers than for the execs.

  • Get rid of the point system. It is unrealistic. How can you work somewhere for year and not accumulate points? Life is unpredictable, you can't put a point on that!! It's also unfair how a supervisor can get points but managers don't. Supervisors do all the work plus if you think about it. Supervisors suffer enough, if an hourly associate or supervisor is consistently late they suffer by getting a smaller paycheck, where the higher paid managers waltz in anytime they want and still recieve the same paycheck. Completely unfair. If not getting rid of it then add managers to the point system and watch behaviors change.

  • Hello mr CEO. I wish you did undercover boss so I can show you everything. Worked there many years with little pay but I would've told you EVERYTHING and how things are running. Good thing I'm gone. The rest will suffer from the work load and little pay.

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  • Stop firing good workers who get the job done!!!!! If they work hard. The point system is many y'all have too many turn overs. That don't look good for the company. If I see a company that has a high turn over, what is that saying to me. That is saying. I would be scared to work there. I heard that you manager there Center in Forest Park are on so high ego trip. I would never work for this company or recommend I used to work there. Just my opinion have a nice day.

  • The people that interview you for the position pertaining to cosmetology are less than honest with one. Well that’s all I can say.

  • Stop making it about the credit card applications, i understand its retail and you need to push a store credit card but in my opinion customer service should and always come FIRST. I worked for JCPenney for almost 3 years and that was all the managers and store management would talk about on a daily basis, even when the District Manager was in for the day that was all he was concerned about. I was a cashier and worked at the front end 98% of the time and if we did not have a certain amount of credit card applications in by a certain time of day the people who were up front ringing would get punished and have to go work on the floor, now come on punishment if customers do not want a store charge?? We CAN NOT make anyone apply for a credit card, the most we can do is ask and ask. I would LOVE to see all management try and get credit card apps its not as easy as they think and it really is more than just asking. Also, JCP really needs to be concerned with shrinkage as well as the phrase i heard on a daily basis "Just give it to them or just do it" as far as price changes and the "sign said this game" and get some loss prevention people because theft was just insane there and really management needs to stick to the rules and not have so much leway because at this point they are just giving things away which causes the employees to loose money because hours are cut because the store did not make budget for the day because sales were down due to giving stuff away. Overall, i would not recommend working for JCP, management will say one thing one day and something different the next, they need to be on the same page, and its too unorganized. The company is going so down hill, the last few months of my employment there i wondered each time i was scheduled to work if i would go in to no longer having a job.

  • Higher pay would be the best, life for all cashier's would be way better if you brought back the price scanners for the customers. So you won't have all of those customers with a 10-20 items in their basket to price check and only walking out with 3 items. Better managers in my case. I worked 1 year for the company and in that course we had 3 managers and many substitutes. Finally if none of those above are possible at least give us a bonus when it's our birthday or when we have an anniversary with the company. All I received was a card and a shout out for my one year anniversary and a 28¢ raise WOW THANKS that's something alright.

  • Higher pay. Listen to employee complaints. Benefits. Better hours for employees. Make sure to properly train your employees. Give raises!

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  1. What advice would you give the CEO of JCPenney about how to improve it?