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Why did you leave your job at JCPenney?

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JCPenney does not work with your schedule if you are in school (college). There have been countless times of giving them my availability and they schedule me the opposite. They also have VERY poor communication skills that is the biggest reason why I left. I had to chase my managers around to get them to talk to me if it was something important and most of the time when there're changes in the store we heard it from rumors. When it is about a schedule change they ignored having that discussion with me on purpose. The hours were fine 9am-4pm, or 4pm to 10pm or later, but management is poor. And after I quit I realized that my friend also quit for the same reasons so it isn't just the location I worked at.

JCPenney is not a good place for Salon Managers. Authority is undermined constantly. Our role as Managers are reduced to babysitters. Master stylists make their own schedules, leaving the salon in a precarious position. If there ar eff not enough Designer and Senior stylists, it can make the salon not function well. Although Salon Managers receive a decent salary, Master stylists receive all of the perks. They call in and request PTO days while you're at work yo deal with the headache of not having coverage. These individuals do not get reprimanded for inappropriate conduct. If an issue arises and it's your word against theirs, you will lose every time. The GM will overstep your authority without a second thought.

Salon management always have issue I worked there twice once for 4 years went back for another 4 years... Always the same problem the same issue the salon managers.... The company as a whole is really good to work for you have a lot of benefits that you wouldn't normally have at other salons but the management is just terrible they get managers that are lazy they are not involved with her stylists.. they don't work ...mine she never worked on the floor ...she always stayed hid in her office and when a problems arose, she would finally stick her head out the door only time we ever saw her was on Saturday mornings when she would stand with her hands crossed watching us just hoping we would move faster...I just always felt that if you were fortunate enough to be a salon manager of a place like JCPenney's that you would make the absolute best of it and I know they make good money they have good benefits it's almost like they get the job and then don't want to participate in the job...

Poor management, rude coworkers, and their break policy is a joke. They try to only hire young students so they can take advantage of them. When I worked there, they didn’t even know they were entitled to a break! What a badly ran and SELFISH company?!!! My advice is NEVER WASTE YOUR TIME THERE!!!

Poor management. I worked for jcp for about a year and a half and they were good at first but then they started to get worse. It was unfortunate because I actually really liked working there. I loved my co-workers and helping our customers the best I can. I can't say all management was bad because I definitely had a few favorites who were awesome. It was just the ones who were bad ones I couldn't stand

I left awhile back, but I worked there for 4 months Originally hired as seasonal, and then was kept. Honestly though at first it was a chill place to begin working, but then the store ended up relying on me too much, and I was only a teenager that just graduated school LOL. For the most part I was in charge of helping out on the floor, and as well help unload the delivery truck. I left due to low pay, and towards the end one manager was harassing me too much, to the point where I didn’t wanna come into work just to be annoyed. Leaving was the best decision now I’m at a better job and love the pay I get compared to JCP pay

Jcp, Is the ABSOLUTE WORST COMPANY!!!! Worse to work for than Walmart!!! They like a revolving door at JCP. Stay away!!!

Jcp enforces a point system for displinary actions but won't tell you that until it's too late and you've accumulated a dangerous amount of points.if you call off, are late, no call no show etc you get points. They rush you through training and put you on the floor with very little information. Belittling by management and micromanaging is a regular occurrence. Management makes schedules change frequently at short notice. You are expected to follow people to make sure they aren't stealing and if you don't you get in trouble. Stay away

Employees pushed to sale sale sale

I was a salon manager. If I enforced rules (dress code, productivity standards, attendance policy, etc) management above me would discredit me to my stylists if they complained to them, which caused my stylists to have no respect for me. I was micromanaged by my GM and only ever given negative feedback. He also wanted me to terminate my AA stylists because he thought they had a bad attitude. Also forcing me to give corrective action to my stylists when they were too busy to take a lunch. Also constant pressure to recruit busy stylists and spend 20+ hours a week walking around talking to people asking who does their hair and if they think they would want to come work for penneys. It was embarrassing. The stress made me physically ill. I am now booth renting. Maybe someone will try to recruit me!!! Lolol. Nope

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  1. Why did you leave your job at JCPenney?