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Why did you leave your job at Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores?

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  • The mental anguish I receive from customers who complain about everything under the known sun, even things that aren't our fault, is not worth it. and be consistent with the mask policy. I have autoimmune disorders and take immunosuppressants. If i don't work, I can't afford my medication. I live in fear every day.

  • Promises on hours weren't kept. promises on scheduling weren't kept.

  • The pay mostly... and always understaffed. I was offered more time and more pay at another job

  • Promises on hours and promises on schedules were not kept. I work two jobs and go to school, it's hard for me to work on certain days, yet they keep scheduling me on school nights. the poor pay, and being overworked to death.

  • At first working here was a lot of fun. watching stuff come off the truck, feeling inspired every day with crafters and craft items, a good coworker crew that sort of is my work family. however during COVID crisis it was chaos. about half our staff took LOA's and we were working to the max with only a crew of 6. Corporate didn't send us any cleaning supply until just now and it is toxic. I am so tired and exhausted it's unbelievable. there are several things wrong with this company. like hiring several people that left to go to school.

  • Several reasons from being burned out to hours being cut with no reason, to the pay being too low to managment issues to not being compensated enough. favoritism and unclear policies.

  • I have been working here for several years and realized a bunch of things. They are very cheap. Low pay for the amount of work given. One person can't do the job of several. It is constantly understaffed and during this COVID mess, customers are mean and cruel. There are too many confusing sales and signs, too many coupons, and unclear policies that are not put into words. I watched a coworker wear a t-shirt that had writing on it and worked with it, but if I did that, I would get a "strike". policies are inconsistent, and the mask policy is inconsistent. there is no way i am going to tell a customer to wear a mask after being threatened with rude customers. some coworkers are condescending, lazy and are not management material. and are very flighty and refuse to help with the dinosaur registers. half the stuff i have learned is on the fly. We are expected to clean the bathrooms ourselves , which is a health hazard. you are on call almost all the time, regardless if you have a doctors appointment, family time or what. They are so dead-set on preventing theft, but the way the store is laid out, it's impossible to catch them, and we aren't supposed to engage, and it's hard to do so when you are really busy. there aren't enough mic/earpieces or handheld systems to properly staff, so even if you need it up front, they will take it from you. they are also dead-set on getting email sign ups. if you don't get a specific number, you will get reprimanded , but about 75% of the customers already have mailers, app, text and email, and the others are either seniors who don't have computers, or the rest don't care and who has time when you are the only person up front for hours with a line that goes down half the floor...and you can't always answer the phone when that happens, and you will get reprimanded for that as well. but when you answer the phone and they expect you to drop everything in front of you to go look for "white dotted fabric" when you have a line is ridiculous. we can't control stock, and we can't control shipments.

  • Don't work here. Seriously. I desperately need the money of literally any job but I so badly wish I didn't work here, I am considering quitting even before I find a new job. Its horrible. Its so so horrible. And there's no way to make it better there is nothing you can do to convince the mananagers that they should treat you like a human, and there's nothing you can do to convince HR to take any complaint seriously.
    I was hired in a group of 6 people, and 3 quit before the end of the first week. I have been a model employee at all my previous jobs with glowing recommendations and consistent praise from managers, and somehow i got 2 "strikes" before the first week was over (neither of which anyone told me about at the time, I found out later when my manager pointed it out in front of several other employees in an obviously deliberate move to embarrass me). These "strikes" aren't written down anywhere or filed in any official manner, they are just given at the complete discretion of the manager and stored in her memory until she decides you've had enough "strikes" and its time to take disciplinary actions.

    Don't work here. Don't do it.

  • Bad management. hostile work environment. no hours. burnout.

  • Bad management from upper corporate to store level. hours were constantly cut. screamed at every day for coupons and sales that were confusing. and the low pay. you can not live on minimum wage and working only 10 hours a week.

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  1. Why did you leave your job at Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores?