Show 'Em What's Underneath: Lisa Cusimano

Meet Lisa Cusimano, a firefighter who defines courage as serving something greater than yourself. #ShowEm Courage

Show 'Em What's Underneath: Remi Adeleke

After the loss of his father left his family impoverished, Remi Adeleke turned to the streets of the Bronx to fill the hole in his heart—until one day, an unexpected wake-up call led him to the elite ranks of the military. Today, this US Navy Veteran shares his story to show others that with resilience, anything is possible.

Show 'Em What's Underneath. Show 'Em Your Jockey: Michael Cottone

Meet Michael Cottone, an adoptive father who exemplifies the gift of family. #ShowEm Family is Everything.

Show 'Em What's Underneath. Show 'Em Your Jockey: Chris Van Etten

Meet Chris Van Etten, U.S. Marine Veteran who show us that perseverance always wins.

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