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In addition to being able to work with a patient one-on-one and without distractions, Susan, Director of Education, said that keeping the patient at home is the main goal. “We do not give up,” added Sharita, a Medical Social Worker. “We will work with you until you achieve your goal.”

Pedro's Career as a Home Health Registered Nurse

Pedro works as a Registered Nurse for Kindred at Home. “I am very passionate about healthcare and have been since I was in elementary school in Cuba,” Pedro said. “My father was a doctor and my mother was a nurse. And where I come from, you don’t get into medicine for financial reward – you get into it because it’s what you really want to do," he said." I’ve been with Kindred for almost 7 years and it is the best company I’ve worked for."

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Suzanne’s Career as a Home Health Physical Suzanne’s Career as a Home Health Physical Therapist

Suzanne is a physical therapist with Kindred at Home in Orlando, Florida. She chose her career after enduring multiple knee surgeries when she was a young soccer player.

“Physical therapists gave me back my independence and inspired my passion to become a therapist myself,” she said.

Suzanne recently cared for a patient who had returned home from the hospital after being treated with radiation therapy for metastatic liver cancer.

“He was a very quiet and understanding person,” Suzanne reflected. “He also truly made the most of the time he had with his loved ones. For me, it was very rewarding to be a part of his care, and his family was appreciative of what we do. It melted my heart to be a part of this process – it’s why I do what I do.”

If you feel passionate about helping others while learning and growing on the job, contact Kindred today about career opportunities. To apply for a job, please visit

Loretta's Career as a Hospice Case Manager

Loretta is an RN and Case Manager with Kindred Hospice.

“I am here as part of our team to help our patients be as comfortable as possible at the end of life,” Loretta shared. “I find out what it is our patients and their families want and we all work together to provide them with the care and comfort they need.”

She adds, “Hospice is a wonderful intervention because even though a person knows they are declining, they also know they’re at home.”

If you feel passionate about helping others make the most of their lives, please contact Kindred today about career opportunities. To apply for a job, please visit

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Kindred at Home and Kindred Hospice seek to deliver quality professional medical, rehabilitative, palliative and end-of-life care for all patients, including those with acute, long-term or terminal needs. Our experienced nurses, therapists and aides focus on each unique patient to deliver the appropriate care and emotional support to our patients and – more... 

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