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A Promising New Era in Cancer Treatment

One of the most exciting advances in cancer research is an innovative approach that involves removing a patient’s immune cells, modifying those cells to identify cancer, then infusing those cells in the patient to fight cancer. We have long believed in the promise of modifying T cells to treat certain blood cancers and our singular focus is developing cell therapy.

Change The World With Us

Everyone at Kite is grounded by one common goal – curing cancer. Every day, we aim to establish a direct line between that purpose and our day-to-day work.

We are creating Kite together, with the recognition that the best teams are built by the best people. We maintain an attitude of curiosity, and creativity with each challenge as we develop a new market for cancer therapies. We appreciate and respect one another, and most importantly, we don’t take success for granted.

While we’ve come a long way to make what others viewed as impossible, possible, we know one thing is certain. Today is just the beginning.

About Kite Pharma

Kite, a Gilead company, is dedicated to achieving one of the most ambitious goals of 21st century medicine: curing cancer. This mission is at the heart of everything we do, from early research to product development.

For the past three decades, members of our team have been at the forefront of cancer immunotherapy. Today, we are a leader in engineered
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