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86 questions about working at KPMG CA
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Answered January 29, 2018
A snake pit were backstabbing and overt lying was the norm to hold people down instead of building them up. Management should go through ethical training. Not respected internally nor in the marketplace with clients. I know, I was also former client who helped terminate KPMG’s contract. Highly suspect motives and actions as has been verified through the NYC courts with arrests and convictions!
Answered January 13, 2017
Absolutely horrendous work life balance. There was no balance. It was literally all work and no life. No time for spouse. No time for kids. No time for personal health. Definitely no time for hobbies. Also, a very demoralizing and depressing culture and working atmosphere. People are not afraid of throwing you under the bus. Managers will happily do it to their in-charges time after time. Pay was not even close to being acceptable for the hours and stress of the job. In the end, I wasn’t giving any time to my family. Whenever I had a few moments to talk with my wife it would be about work because it got to the point where I couldn’t think of anything except work. It consumed me. I didn’t spend hardly any time at all with my first daughter for the first year of her life. Let alone me not having any time to support my wife during her pregnancy. My wife told me I didn’t even seem like a person anymore. Finally my wife said, “You will find a new job.” There was no “or else” or ultimatum. Just something that I will do. Period. I looked at what KPMG had made me become in just 2 years and was surprised. I was a complete workaholic. Before KPMG I had vowed never to become a workaholic and to always put my family first. Within two years I was completely consumed by work and didn’t have a relationship with either my wife or my daughter. So I got a new job that has good work life balance. My family and I are so much happier now.Do not go into KPMG thinking you can be there for your family or that you won’t become a workaholic. You most definitely will become a workaholic and will not have time for your family.
Answered March 25, 2017
Tired of poor management-felt harassed and disappointed every day-i have never worked in such a negative environment!
Answered March 29, 2017
Stop the micro managing-we are all adults yet we are treated like 5 year olds. Worst management i have ever worked for! Ernst & Young much better!!
Answered March 25, 2017
It will depend on your client load and your role. During busy season do not expect to work any less than 12 hours per day. Expect to work every Saturday (probably a full day). And expect to work some Sundays. That’s busy season at its best. It will most likely be worse than that. If you are an in-charge/senior associate it will likely be closer to 15 hours per day plus a full day every Saturday if you want a chance of having Sunday free. This was my schedule for 6 months straight. Non busy season hours: still expect to work upwards of 50 per week especially if you are an in-charge.One tip: don’t every buy into the 4/10s schedule that some managers/in-charges will try to talk you into during the summer. Inevitably you will always end up working a full day on the Friday anyway. All of that is the billable hours. Expect even more non-billable time. Travel time, extra curricular events that management always wants you to attend, etc.
Answered August 30, 2016
KPMG found me on LinkedIn
Answered June 15, 2016
It takes about 30 days after you get hired to start.
Answered February 20, 2016
Do not go there everything on the tech side is being outsourced
Answered August 7, 2018
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