Why work for Lexington Health Network?

Our 2,500 full and part-time team members are a close-knit family, providing innovative services and loving health care for our patients and their families, bringing immeasurable value to the communities and people we all serve. We are a forward-thinking, privately-owned business dedicated to lifting human spirits and nurturing health, inspiring hope and well-being, one person, one family, and one team member at a time.

Jessica, Post-Acute Manager, 10 years at Lexington Health

Every day, I live and breathe my profession. I live to take care of others and to be that helping hand when their loved one is in need. To be the kind words they need and the shoulder to cry on. I love the challenges that my profession gives me on a day-to-day basis. I learn new things every day, not only from my own experiences but also from my patients’ experiences. I know that I make a difference every day, whether big or small, and that means something.

Celina, PRN RN, 10 years at Lexington Health

Working at Lexington has been an enriching and fulfilling experience that made me grow in my professional and my personal life. I have worn many hats, and I have made lifelong friends who have made me think past my immediate world and think globally. I get to work with several excellent nurses, talented administrators, therapists, CNAs, and physicians. Lexington has given me the opportunity to learn new things and become a better nurse manager. My opinions are valued, and employee satisfaction is a top priority. It is nice to come home feeling proud of the work I do every day.

Cynthia, RN, 21 years at Lexington Health

Empathy, being grateful, compassion and love. This is what drives me to eagerly come to work to care for our patients. I realize that I have been blessed with good health, cooperative and dedicated colleagues, supportive administrative officials and medical practitioners, as well as loving family and friends. Hence, there is no reason why I should not give our patients the best care that I can provide. With over 20 years of caring for our patients, I have learned that a sincere greeting with a smile, a willing and attentive ear, a watchful eye and working as a team can make all the difference.

Melanie, RN, 3 years at Lexington Health

I want to stay here for a long time as I like both the staff and patients and there is a family atmosphere for the workers. Patients are sometimes having a difficult time, so put a smile on your face because sometimes they need it. I am passionate about my job and helping people. I want to overwhelm them with kindness, as niceness is contagious.

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Lexington Health Network has been a part of the Chicagoland area since 1984, managing more than 2,100 skilled nursing beds in 10 different post-acute rehabilitation facilities, Home Health, Hospice, and Private Care, two independent and one supportive living communities. Lexington Health Network offers a full network of post-acute care services, from – more... 

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