Lighthouse Mission Ministries
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About Lighthouse Mission Ministries

Lighthouse Mission Ministries works throughout Whatcom County to break the cycle of homelessness in the lives of people experiencing it. Our programming includes Outreach Services, Base Camp, the Ascent Program, and the Agape Home. Because of the generosity of our community, those in need can come to the Mission for nutritious meals, safe shelter, and – 

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What motivates our staff?

We asked staff across LMM what motivates them and get them excited to come to work. Here is what one of our Crisis Services Associates had to say. “Working at Base Camp I have the privilege to see Christ work miracles on a daily basis. Watching guests overcome addiction, mental health, and medical conditions as been a blessing, an inspiration, and great motivation. Seeing guests be so strong in times that are so tough is a constant reminder there is light in even that darkest places which motivates me to keep going.” Interested in joining us? Email for employment inquiries!