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Lockheed Martin Employee Benefits

All the listed benefits are extracted from job descriptions, reviews, and Q&A posted on Indeed. Please contact the employer to understand the benefits connected to a relevant job.

Overall Benefits and Compensations

Benefits found on job postings

  • Retirement plan
  • Health insurance
  • Paid time off
  • Dental insurance
  • Relocation assistance
  • Tuition reimbursement

10 benefit categories

520 reviews about benefits at Lockheed Martin


93% positive reviews

  • Dental insurance
  • Disability insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Vision insurance
  • Life insurance

Dental insurance

Cannot pay your rent with dental insurance! - view all

Senior Tester - Ocala, FL - Aug 4, 2018

Disability insurance

The disability insurance I signed up for pays 60% of my salary. - view all

System Engineer - Orlando, FL - Dec 28, 2018

Health insurance

Government contract company, with excellent benefits and working enviroment. - view all

Logistics Associate - Fort Lewis, WA - Apr 18, 2019

Vision insurance

Great benefits for Health, vision and dental. - view all

Sheet Metal Mechanic - Warner Robins, GA - Aug 13, 2017

Life insurance

Life Insurance - view all

Security Officer - South Carolina - Aug 23, 2017

Details about Insurance

Dental insurance (2 reviews)

50% of the reviews are positive

Disability insurance (2 reviews)

50% of the reviews are positive

Health insurance (266 reviews)

93% of the reviews are positive

Vision insurance (4 reviews)

100% of the reviews are positive

Life insurance (2 reviews)

100% of the reviews are positive


78% positive reviews

  • Parental leave
  • Paid time off

Parental leave

They respect your time off, no emails or calls when you are on vacation, sick time, maternity leave etc. - view all

Cost Analyst - Fort Worth, TX - Mar 13, 2019

Paid time off

PTO and 9x80 work schedule the number one perks. - view all

Manager - Littleton, CO - May 28, 2019

Details about Leave

Parental leave (1 reviews)

0% of the reviews are positive

Paid time off (36 reviews)

81% of the reviews are positive

Flexibility at work

99% positive reviews

  • Work from home
  • Flexible schedule

Work from home

I appreciated the training opportunities, the salary and the opportunity to work from home. - view all

Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist - Littleton, CO - Feb 24, 2019

Flexible schedule

Flexible work schedule allows me to beat the morning traffic. - view all

Senior Mechanical Engineer - Grand Prairie, TX - Dec 19, 2018

Details about Flexibility at work

Work from home (22 reviews)

100% of the reviews are positive

Flexible schedule (132 reviews)

99% of the reviews are positive


100% positive reviews

  • Childcare


They provide tuition reimbursement, good medical benefits, gym Membership reimbursement, a plethora of free training classes, health and daycare reimbursement, etc. - view all

Analyst - Washington, DC - Oct 25, 2012

Details about Childcare

Childcare (1 reviews)

100% of the reviews are positive

Health & wellness

100% positive reviews

  • On-site gym
  • Health screening
  • Gym membership

On-site gym

Gym available onsite. - view all

Student Intern - Sunnyvale, CA - Apr 16, 2017

Health screening

Free health screenings cafeteria on campus self evaluations were geared toward creative writing skills good clean shop newer equipment well maintained safe - view all

Machinist - Littleton, CO - Jan 22, 2019

Gym membership

There's also gym reimbursement to help promote healthy living. - view all

Contract Negotiator - Orlando, FL - Jun 1, 2016

Details about Health & wellness

On-site gym (4 reviews)

100% of the reviews are positive

Health screening (1 reviews)

100% of the reviews are positive

Gym membership (3 reviews)

100% of the reviews are positive

Financial perks

91% positive reviews

  • Retention bonus
  • Bonus pay
  • Performance bonus
  • Employee discount
  • Stock options

Retention bonus

I have been with the company for nearly 8 years, and have received the top performance ratings year over year, received multiple awards for performance, retention bonuses to stay, but cannot get promoted because I don't fit within a specified range of years needed for service. - view all

Business Development Manager - Orlando, FL - Sep 11, 2015

Bonus pay

Takes two months to get holiday pay. - view all

Stationary Engineer - Littleton, CO - Jan 28, 2019

Performance bonus

UTC/Sikorsky offers excellent benefits including 100% tuition reimbursement as well as performance bonuses. - view all

Operations Manager - Horseheads, NY - Nov 1, 2012

Employee discount

Great employee discounts on many services. - view all

Functional Manager - Centennial, CO - Oct 21, 2018

Stock options

Offered stock options - view all

Career Counselor - Round Rock, TX - Apr 12, 2019

Details about Financial perks

Retention bonus (1 reviews)

100% of the reviews are positive

Bonus pay (5 reviews)

80% of the reviews are positive

Performance bonus (1 reviews)

100% of the reviews are positive

Employee discount (2 reviews)

100% of the reviews are positive

Stock options (2 reviews)

100% of the reviews are positive


100% positive reviews

  • Tuition reimbursement

Tuition reimbursement

They offer a great deal of company sponsored career training as well as tuition reimbursement. - view all

Senior Program Manager - Shelton, CT - Mar 26, 2019

Details about Reimbursements

Tuition reimbursement (28 reviews)

100% of the reviews are positive


92% positive reviews

  • Retirement plan

Retirement plan

No retirement plan. - view all

Aircraft Mechanic - Lexington, KY - Apr 16, 2019

Details about Retirement

Retirement plan (37 reviews)

92% of the reviews are positive


100% positive reviews

  • Food provided

Food provided

They don't give free coffee. - view all

Software Engineer - Saint-Laurent, QC - Nov 29, 2017

Details about Meals

Food provided (6 reviews)

100% of the reviews are positive

Other benefits

88% positive reviews

  • Employee assistance program
  • Employee mentoring program

Employee assistance program

Managed the day-to-day operations for COMSEC account 5500+ line items responsible for providing a secure, efficient COMSEC posture; Provides COMSEC support to US and Coalition forces operating in the USAFCENT Area of Responsibility (AOR) to include 5 countries in the Middle East; Active in all phases of the COMSEC account operation; Manage a DoD classified COMSEC account in accordance with National Security Agency (NSA) and specified service regulations; Maintained Electronic key management system (EKMS), key processor (KP) and local management device (LMD); Performed system database management to include compilation of system's reports and overall system performance; Responsible for generation and distribution of electronic keys from national and service level sources to the end-item COMSEC user; Trains COMSEC Responsible Officers on COMSEC process implementation, maintaining inventories, and ensuring safeguards are applied for all COMSEC material; Conducted COMSEC refresher training; developed and generated operating instructions (OI) and emergency action plans (EAP) for COMSEC; Utilized the Defense Messaging System (DMS) and Automated Message Handling System (AMHS); Generated, reviewed and received message traffic; Secure tactical equipment (STE) to include Fortezza Card KSV-21 management; Conducted sub-account or local element (LE) inspections for accounts that hold COMSEC material/equipment; Perform over-the-air-transfer (OTAT) and over-the-air-receive (OTAR) using a data transfer device AN PYQ10 C via STE unit. - view all

Communications Manager - Velāyat-e Parvān - Jan 29, 2015

Employee mentoring program

Most enjoyable thing about work might be in the Early Career Development Program that i am currently in along with all other new hires and recent college graduates. - view all

Finance Associate - Mount Laurel, NJ - Dec 12, 2018

Details about Other benefits

Employee assistance program (1 reviews)

100% of the reviews are positive

Employee mentoring program (23 reviews)

87% of the reviews are positive

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