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If you were in charge, what would you do to make Lumen a better place to work?

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  • Stop your subordinates from lying and falsifying documentation. Supposedly this is happening in Iowa, but it is happening everywhere. Everywhere people are being lied to by HR. The Integrity Line is a path to being fired, not a path to resolve company issues. People's titles and duties are being falsified so they can be forced to perform more work with less pay.
    I reported these issues to the Integrity Line, but they fired me instead of correcting the issues.

  • Stop management from telling technicians to falsify official company records. In Iowa this is the
    policy in OSP and the Central Offices. Does Centurylink realize how degrading it is to be told to

    falsify official records ?

  • Once and for all Fire the worthless
    Operations Manager in Iowa.

    Hasn’t he caused enough havoc to

    the Iowa Network already ? All the

    Techs think he is a Clown. The techs complain constantly about how awful Centurylink is. There is no morale. The network is completely degraded. Can it get any worse ? There is one guy responsible for this. We all know

    who that is.

  • Fire the “Director of Operations” in Iowa. That guy is worthless. If you
    don’t believe me, just visit Des Moines or Dubuque, Iowa Central Offices. See the Trash on every floor for yourself. Notice the Alarms on Every Single Rack of Equipment.

    The Iowa Manager was bragging about his 19 Years of Managing.

    How truly pathetic. If you don’t believe me, go visit these Central offices for yourself. Use your own eyes. And after you see for yourself,

    Fire the Manager. He really is worthless.

  • I would concentrate on putting switches in rural areas that don't have internet services now.. mop m.j

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  • I would make it a policy that employees are required to be honest. This is not currently the
    policy in Iowa Central Offices.

    I was told it was our local policy to just Make Stuff Up. Duh !!!!

  • I would have the CEO visit Central Offices in Iowa. Note the alarms on
    Every rack of equipment. Note the

    Garbage on every floor. Start with

    the C.O. In Des Moines and definitely

    visit the office in Dubuque. See for yourself the alarms every where and the

    trash on all floors. See for yourself.

    Ask the techs what they think of their Manager. Ask the manager why he is calling himself a Director on job sites

    as he looks for jobs with other company’s ? To the CEO, Do Your Job !

  • Since the Manager in Iowa Central Offices allows Techs to wear Pajamas into work every one should be allowed
    to wear Pajamas. Not just Dubuque.

    The Manager should come into work in a Clown Suit. Behind His back, Everyone thinks He is a Clown anyway.

  • I would start a policy in Iowa that
    everyone can wear Pajamas to work.

    Especially in Iowa Central Offices.

    Tech is already doing this. Why can’t the rest of the techs do this ? From now on that should be the new policy. If it’s ok in Dubuque, Iowa Central Office, it should be ok in every Central Office.

    The manager is posting his resume on job sites calling himself a Director. Perhaps he should wear Pajamas to his

    job interviews. He allows his techs to

    wear “Jamies” in Dubuque, Iowa.

    No joke.

  • I would make a more accepting health department.

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  1. If you were in charge, what would you do to make Lumen a better place to work?