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What is the work environment and culture like at Lumen?

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  • In Iowa, The OSP Techs badmouth Centurylink constantly. The tech
    standing next to you is complaining about YOU behind your back. Your

    backstabbing him behind his back.

    Everyone Hates each other. They all think their Manager is a Clown. Everyone hates working there.

  • Working in Iowa makes you want to Vomit. The yelling, screaming and
    obscenities being directed towards Craft makes it not worth it. No joke.

    Just an Awful company on a completely degraded network over

    the last “19 years” of mismanagement by a guy who skied into a tree in broad daylight.

    We all know who in Iowa this is.

  • How bad must the Iowa network get before Centurylink Fires the
    Operations Manager ? How low must the Techs morale go ? The Manager is literally too stupid to

    Manage a network the size of Iowa.

    The techs think the Manager is a Clown. The network is completely

    degraded. There are Alarms literally

    Everywhere. There is Garbage at every Site. When I worked there there was a door in the alley way that would not even lock allowing

    access into the Switch. I got this fixed. The techs laugh at the Manager in Iowa the moment he turns his back. He is simply incompetent and too stupid for this job. At ATT, he would have been fired years ago. No Joke !!

  • “The precinct chairs could not connect with the party via phone”
    This according to news reports.

    How pathetic that Centurylink could not complete a simple phone call.

    They must be so proud.

  • The “Iowa Wink Wink Rule” is a live and well in Iowa. Just make stuff up.

  • Century link has Rock bottom Low expectations of their Managers. This is such an easy job. If you don’t meet KPIs or SLAs, just make stuff up. This is what I was told by my trainer in Iowa.

  • At my office in IOWA we had Critical Alarms on Every single important system. This includes the Nortel Switch and the Fibersystems in my Central Office. The problem was there were No NOC Trouble tickets
    sent to us. No techs worked on these Critical alarms. No one cared.

    This was the most Degraded Network I have ever worked on.

    Management Never tried to get these Critical alarms resolved. These systems carried the 911 traffic and NO ONE cared. Not even enough for the NOC to issue a trouble ticket. Truly pathetic !!!

  • Just an awful and rotten company. Top to bottom. Especially the OSP
    Techs in Iowa. They have let the network deteriorate to the point of

    it can’t be fixed. Just pathetic !

  • In Iowa OSP and Central Office techs, if we can’t fix a trouble we are told to just make stuff up. We are told it is policy to falsify official
    company records. This is called the

    Iowa Wink Wink Rule. Everyone Hates Management. All the techs

    Badmouth Centurylink, saying what a rotten company they are. The Manager skied into a tree. If he can’t even ski, how can he manage so many techs who have no respect for him and Hate Centurylink ? The Iowa Manager is perceived to be a

    Clown by his own techs. Really pathetic. All the techs Hate working at Centurylink.

  • How can an employer have alienated so many people ?
    The OSP Techs in Iowa Hate Centurylink. Just look at the work they do. I was told don’t refer troubles to OSP, because they are too busy. More likely, they are too

    Lazy. I was told we don’t have time to actually fix troubles, so just follow the IOWA Wink Wink Rule. Just make stuff up. How truly Pathetic.

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  1. What is the work environment and culture like at Lumen?