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What is the work environment and culture like at Lumen?

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  • The OSP Techs and Central Office
    Techs in Iowa Hate CenturyLink.

    This is only bad if your a customer

    who has a trouble. The techs badmouth Centurylink constantly.

    They hate working there !

  • How pathetic must the OSP network and Central Offices in Iowa become ?
    The Technicians are told to falsify company documents. They whine constantly. They have Garbage on all floors. They close out trouble tickets knowing the trouble is not fixed. The C.O. Techs wade through trash on every floor. They Hate Centurylink ! The OSP Techs have No dignity. Even the Manager is posting his resume trying to find a job somewhere else, saying he is Director. He can’t even get the CO Techs to take out the Trash. The Manager is a Clown supervising a bunch of techs who have no respect for him and Hate the company, called Centurylink. How pathetic Iowa’s OSP has become. The techs in Iowa should be ashamed and embarrassed for letting their network and reputation degrade as much as it had. Just pathetic !

  • The NOC Managers are completely worthless. They see outstanding ALARMS at every office and they just
    ignore them. As opposed to doing their job and sending a Trouble Ticket to that office. At my Central Office in Iowa.

    There are alarms 24 Hours a day On literally every rack of equipment.

    The NOC sees these alarms and does Nothing. The NOC MGMT is worthless.

    Not that it matters, because I was instructed to just “make things up”

    in Iowa because “we don’t have time

    to actually fix all these troubles”.

    This is the Wink Wink Rule in Iowa.

    Don’t the Technicians in Iowa get tired of “just making things up” ? Don’t the NOC Techs get tired of seeing alarms

    that never get fixed. They see the Alarms and do nothing. The NOC Manager is worthless. Maybe he could trade places with Operations Manager

    in Iowa who has the Wink Wink Rule

    when it comes to actually fixing a trouble. “Just make things up” is the

    Wink wink rule in Iowa because “we

    don’t have enough time to be honest”.

  • You know who are the real villains at
    Centurylink ? It is the NOC Manager

    who has Techs who actually SEE the

    high level alarms at virtually all CTL offices and don’t send out trouble tickets ? The NOC Manager should be ashamed of himself. Ignoring so many

    Central Office Alarms. That guy is worthless. He is responsible for the network being so badly degraded.

    Paying him is a waste of money.

    That’s why there are so many standing alarms all over Iowa. Gross neglect

    by the NOC MANAGER. And the Manager of the Network in Iowa is beyond useless. He is posting his resume on line saying he is a Director.

    His employees bad mouth him

    the moment he turns his back. Just really pitiful.

  • That they force people to take Urine
    Tests. Centurylink requires techs to take a UA into a tiny cup. You hold onto this cup in one hand and accidentally urinate onto your hand. You have to wait to wash this human waste dripping off your

    right hand because the sink water is turned off. You then hand this small cup of human waste to a Urine Analysis Tech. Only then are you allowed to wash your urine dripping hand in an actual sink. If Centurylink treats you this

    disrespectful before your even hired, how much respect will they give you later. My boss, who quit would call up Screaming Obscenities at me and then

    hang up. This is no joke. Beginning to End, just a Rotten company with a

    Clown Manager in Iowa Central Offices.

    The techs Hate their Manager and Hate

    CenturyLink. Good luck if your a customer who has a trouble ticket open !

  • Centurylink is an awful company.
    One needs only look at what people

    who have worked there say. Glaring

    Red Flags about this company.

    Top to bottom Bad News !

  • In the central office in Dubuque, IOWA.
    Everyone hates everyone else. The OSP Techs are miserable. All the OSP techs badmouth and Hate Centurylink. They Harr the Central Office Techs who hates them. They all Hate their Manager. He hates them. They can’t stop bad mouthing Centurylink and their own co-workers. OSP is a sick group of people . I have never seen such a pathetic display. Good luck if your a customer who has a trouble ticket. Everyone Hates the Manager. On job sites he calls

    himself a “director”. Just pathetic.

  • The Central Office Techs in Iowa backstab their Manager and coworkers.
    The tech working next to you everyday is complaining about you behind your back. And your complaining about them behind their back. You know it’s true.

    Their is no trust of each other. In Iowa Everyone Hates everyone else. They hate their Manager, their coworkers and Centurylink. Good luck if your a customer with a trouble tickets ! No one cares.

  • In Iowa Central Offices, there is constant whining about coworkers. That we use words that are “to big”. Techs are constantly complaining about their Manager behind his back that he is a Clown. This same Manager is posting his resume on job sites saying he is a Director. What a jokester he is. I have never seen such a miserable and unhappy workgroup in more than 20 years of TCOM work than the Techs in Iowa. Just a toxic work environment.
    This includes the OSP Techs who are

    complete whiners. In Iowa, good luck if you are customer who has a trouble.

  • There are people saying the the Central offices in Iowa are not Trash filled dumps. I worked in Iowa. I know.
    Garbage IS on every floor. Alarms are on Every single rack of equipment. No one cares. Constantly whining about coworkers. Especially complaining about the Clown Manager in Iowa.

    The moment he turns his back, they start complaining how truly incompetent he is. Then they start slow walking installs and no-walking trouble tickets because “we don’t have time to actually fix these troubles”. Just an awful company. This is no exaggeration.

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  1. What is the work environment and culture like at Lumen?