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June 22, 2020
Data suggests that access to a collaborative team of a pharmacist and care manager can reduce hospital re-admissions by 50 percent. With our data-driven MRx Navigate solution, we are identifying members who might get lost in their care journey, helping to protect them from gaps in care and the risks of non-adherence, and guiding them along their path to wellness.

Work-Life Flow

Our culture advocates a healthy work life flow and offers cutting edge technology to enable remote collaboration.

We believe work and life should flow together in unison. Sometimes work demands a lot from you and other times you need to fit work around your family and friends. We trust our team to get the job done in the most effective way they can and we’re repaid with highly productive and energized people we can rely on.

“I’m so lucky to work for Magellan Health from my home office. No matter where life takes me, my job can come with me!” (VP, Communications)

A-Game Only

We’re proud of the strong reputation we have for quality and innovation in the healthcare industry.

We’re a collective of remarkably motivated and driven professionals. As a team, we’re proud of the high standards we set for each other and we’re continually inspired to personally deliver the best we can offer those around us.

There’s a certain personality who thrives at Magellan. We need someone with great hopes and dreams to be innovative and forward thinking. But moreover, we need someone who can figure things out on their own, roll up their sleeves, dive-in, and look forward to connect the dots backward.” (Anonymous Talent Acquisition Manager)”

Better Together

The work we do on a daily basis is incredibly purposeful and rewarding.

We rely on our innate ability to work as a high functioning collaborative team to deliver compassionate care to all of our members.

Our natural inter-dependency accelerates trust, positive challenge and innovation. With speed and fluidity, we not only excel for our members, we out-collaborate our competition too.

“Our leaders are very supportive. If there’s a challenge I’m facing all I have to do is pick up the phone. Magellan is an ‘all hands on deck’ environment, we come together, work as a team and knock down barriers.” (Anonymous VP of Marketing)

Compassionately Curious

Good ideas are embraced and implemented quickly here, regardless of where they come from. We are always compassionately curious about the work we do.

At Magellan Health, we listen with real empathy. We listen to understand and to take the right actions that lead to positive impact on our members’ lives. Because of this, we find more opportunities to drive change and improvement across the healthcare industry. Our innate understanding leads us to ask more questions and demand better outcomes via innovation and change.

Magellan is always looking for people to promote ideas. We’re always evolving and not married to one way of thinking. Ultimately, it’s about how we can get there ethically.” (Anonymous VP of HR)

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Magellan Health, Inc., a Fortune 500 company, is a leader in managing the fastest growing, most complex areas of health, including special populations, complete pharmacy benefits and other specialty areas of healthcare. Magellan supports innovative ways of accessing better health through technology, while remaining focused on the critical personal relationships – more... 

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