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McDonald's Employee Benefits

All the listed benefits are extracted from job descriptions, reviews, and Q&A posted on Indeed. Please contact the employer to understand the benefits connected to a relevant job.

Overall Benefits and Compensations

Benefits found on job postings

  • Health insurance
  • Tuition reimbursement
  • Flexible schedule
  • Retirement plan
  • Paid time off
  • Dental insurance

10 benefit categories

1.7k reviews about benefits at McDonald's


80% positive reviews

  • Dental insurance
  • Disability insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Vision insurance
  • Life insurance

Dental insurance

You can purchase different store insurance and dental plans, but after review I found them oversold compared to comparable private insurance. - view all

Crew Member - Virginia - Jul 30, 2014

Disability insurance

Nice place to work only corporate.and they aren't to many more of them left.very good Insurance.and paid time off.short term disability.others don't offer that. - view all

Assistant Manager - West Chicago, IL - Mar 15, 2018

Health insurance

No health benefits. - view all

Shift Manager - Yucaipa, CA - Feb 24, 2019

Vision insurance

Health, dental, vision, retirement, 401k were available - view all

Assistant Manager - Sheboygan, WI - Sep 20, 2018

Life insurance

The benefits McDonald's provide are health, dental, vision and (I think) life insurance. - view all

Manager - Tucson, AZ - Aug 3, 2018

Details about Insurance

Dental insurance (2 reviews)

50% of the reviews are positive

Disability insurance (1 reviews)

100% of the reviews are positive

Health insurance (185 reviews)

80% of the reviews are positive

Vision insurance (6 reviews)

100% of the reviews are positive

Life insurance (2 reviews)

50% of the reviews are positive


53% positive reviews

  • Parental leave
  • Paid time off

Parental leave

I enjoyed working here and was gutted when I left due to maternity leave and house move - view all

Fast Food Attendant - Morley - Sep 4, 2018

Paid time off

holiday pay is good. - view all

Crew Member - Birmingham - Feb 17, 2019

Details about Leave

Parental leave (5 reviews)

80% of the reviews are positive

Paid time off (119 reviews)

52% of the reviews are positive

Flexibility at work

99% positive reviews

  • Work from home
  • Flexible schedule

Work from home

The flexible hours option and the work from home option allows employee to better manage between personal life and work - view all

Senior Financial Analyst - Toronto, ON - Sep 23, 2016

Flexible schedule

good stable job with flexible hours and decent pay. - view all

Customer Service Representative - Sydney NSW - Apr 26, 2019

Details about Flexibility at work

Work from home (1 reviews)

100% of the reviews are positive

Flexible schedule (661 reviews)

99% of the reviews are positive


100% positive reviews

  • Childcare


Especially if you can no longer work a day on the weekend due to childcare etc. - view all

Team Trainer - Yeovil - Oct 2, 2018

Details about Childcare

Childcare (6 reviews)

100% of the reviews are positive

Health & wellness

100% positive reviews

  • On-site gym
  • Gym membership

On-site gym

A lot incentives to work hard , i,e the on site gym and free lunch. - view all

Administrator - London - Jul 26, 2017

Gym membership

However, with that being said, the benefits of working in McDonalds are some of the best around with discounts in most shops and retail places, from Cineworld, to Gym Memberships, it can save you a lot of money working there but its the toll it takes on your mind that's the issue. - view all

Crew Member - Newport - Oct 4, 2018

Details about Health & wellness

On-site gym (1 reviews)

100% of the reviews are positive

Gym membership (2 reviews)

100% of the reviews are positive

Financial perks

84% positive reviews

  • Bonus pay
  • Employee discount
  • Stock options
  • Yearly bonus

Bonus pay

And, what's more, we also offer all our employees a wide range of benefits – including holiday pay, discounts at high-street retailers, a pension scheme, childcare vouchers, free meals and more. - view all

Crew Member - Dagenham - Apr 16, 2019

Employee discount

The perks of this job are good - you get employee discount almost everywhere & free food at work. - view all

Crew Member - Borough of St. Helens - Apr 24, 2019

Stock options

mcdonalds can be very fast-paced,but they teach plenty of skills that could be used in future careers, Many benefits such as 401k,medical,dental,vision,stock options,paid time off,sick pay,help with paying for college,free English learning classing,free GED program,and more - view all

Guest Service Agent - Sunnyvale, CA - Oct 5, 2017

Yearly bonus

The foods are good and Mcdonald's offers yearly or christmas bonus. - view all

Team Leader - Winnipeg, MB - Apr 27, 2016

Details about Financial perks

Bonus pay (38 reviews)

63% of the reviews are positive

Employee discount (48 reviews)

98% of the reviews are positive

Stock options (5 reviews)

100% of the reviews are positive

Yearly bonus (1 reviews)

100% of the reviews are positive


100% positive reviews

  • Tuition reimbursement

Tuition reimbursement

offers flexible schedule as well as competitive pay also offers tuition reimbursement - view all

Lead Recruiter - Tampa, FL - May 20, 2019

Details about Reimbursements

Tuition reimbursement (19 reviews)

100% of the reviews are positive


86% positive reviews

  • Retirement plan

Retirement plan

Health insurance was a joke, and you won't qualify for the 401k unless you make management. - view all

Fast Food Attendant - Woodland, WA - Nov 7, 2018

Details about Retirement

Retirement plan (22 reviews)

86% of the reviews are positive


99% positive reviews

  • Food provided

Food provided

fun place tgo work easy to make new friends good slary free lunches flexazble shifts g gu drfgthjko sadfgthyjuk dfghjkl sdfghjkl; asdfgthyjukiolpggggg - view all

Crew Member - Umina Beach NSW - Sep 23, 2018

Details about Meals

Food provided (747 reviews)

99% of the reviews are positive

Other benefits

100% positive reviews

  • Employee mentoring program

Employee mentoring program

Great place to work however being a transfer from another store I was to undergo Leadership training for shift manager. - view all

Fast Food Attendant - Wilkes-Barre, PA - Feb 24, 2019

Details about Other benefits

Employee mentoring program (11 reviews)

100% of the reviews are positive

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