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What is the work environment and culture like at McDonald's?

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  • Haven't been here for long, but it's decent. I certainly already have managers and coworkers I don't like but most people are pleasant. Hoping to get more hours though as I've only been getting 9 hours a week because I'm in school. They'll work you like a dog if you're available though. Pretty past paced but really depends on the day, time, and position you're working. All in all, not the best but decent enough for a first job or extra cash.

  • Its nothing but back stabers and very unfair now thay won't give me my employment now I'm behind on my house payment thanks to them.

  • It’s definitely fast paced and the lobby is very clean thanks to our two lobby attendants.

  • It was mostly relaxed as long as we were ahead of schedule. Work labor was also a little bit of an issue, because there were a lot of kids who would just skip work. Nothing I couldn't handle though.

  • I’ve been working at McDonald’s for 5 months now and the workplace can either be great or just straight up awful. We have multiple managers and depending on your location they can be “okay” or just the worst, for me I have 3 who are constantly yelling at you if you aren’t moving and doing something even if there isn’t anything to do at the time. There is blatant favoritism among them and if you aren’t apart of their clique you’re just some tool for them to use. I’m constantly getting blamed for my coworkers mistakes just because they’re liked better, they get the privilege of being lazy while I have to sweat and be consistent so they don’t antagonize me. The place is awful when you’re with the wrong people, but it can be fun when you have friends around and a manager who isn’t a toxic. The customers are also one of the things I hate, sorry to be blunt but if you’re going to a fast food place and they ask you to speak up then speak the f up, don’t sit in your car and be a mouse and get mad at them for simply trying to take your order. The amount of times a customer has been rude to me is insane but I can’t say anything no matter how much I want to, I simply just comply with a nice voice but when that headset is turned off you better believe I’m bad mouthing you. Overall the environment is fast paced and very stressful.

  • Unreasonable work schedule. I had a middle shift and the next day I was scheduled for open shift. Sometimes my co worker who work for late night shift was scheduled for middle shift and sometimes got called to come work early.

  • Every female at McDonald's always had an attitude, always bringing down others. A lot of bullying, and discrimination. I had some good work friends but these "popular" girls who would run shift always made me do their dirty work. I couldn't tell one manager about the stuff that went on, because it would circle around to that person. I have had this one manager who has always had a problem with me since the day I started. She would make others attack me. The only good thing about working at McDonald's would be the friendly customers and coworkers.

  • Working at McDonalds is genuinely the worst job I have ever had. Granted, it is my first official job, I just know that it is the worst job I will EVER have. The managers treat you like your an animal. I have had a manager say “Jesus effing christ” when I said that I didn’t know how to do something. Some of the managers are amazing, but there are also many awful managers. I was asked by one of my managers to write a statement about how badly I have been treated and I have been told by multiple of my fellow employees that they were quitting due to how they were treated like an animal. I was given jobs without clear instructions and was then yelled at when I got it wrong. I have been given the most disgusting jobs like mopping up and plunging the toilet not to mention the disgusting work conditions. The mops smell so bad you can smell them from 10 feet away and are definitely more dirty than the floor. The managers yell at you for standing still for 3 seconds, but stand around talking and putting food on the trays so that they don’t have to move. I was hired at the same time as a friend of mine who quit after 1 week. The managers treat me so badly because I am a teenager and because I am only a crew worker that they are actually making me begin to believe I am stupid. They constantly ask me to come in, so I cancel my plans only to get sent home after 1/2 an hour! This isn’t even mentioning the customers, who are so rude that I have had them swear and throw money at me while working the drive through. I cannot wait until I don’t have to work here anymore and put up with the managers miserable attitudes any longer!

  • It's a bad place to work at

  • The environment seems friendly especially when different ethnicity gets together and work as one family.

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  1. What is the work environment and culture like at McDonald's?