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Why did you leave your job at Michaels?

40 answers

  • Upper-level management. The DM in my particular area was just worthless. They rarely ever pointed out anything that you were doing well, only things that you needed to improve on. They never had an actual answer to any of your questions, it was more-or-less "you'll figure it out" or, email me about it and I'll look into it. The ZVP in my particular area was also very cold and cared more about "the board" than how the actual store looked - they would rather you spend 30 minutes on a board in the office that customers cannot even see than to spend 30 minutes filling and flexing areas to make profit.

  • Management. The replenishment manager, April, at the Athens, GA Michaels is immature, rude, and has no appreciation for her team no matter how hard they work. She rarely has anything positive to say. The schedule changed multiple times after it was posted without any kind of notice, not even a simple text saying that it was altered. There were many shifts when I wouldn’t even get so much as a 15 minute break.

  • Definitely management. (And idk if this is just an issue at my Michael's (I doubt it) but the customers were ALWAYS fiend-ing for discounts and coupons lol

  • Very poor management. Very little training, huge expectations and very little support when encountering a problem.

  • A big reason as to why I'm leaving is because of managers flaunting their favoritism. You can be an employee that calls out regularly, barely has any schedule availability, and doesn't know anything about art supplies, and be promoted as a framer--awhile the employee working on their masters degree in art is declined the opportunity to become a framer. Blatant favoritism in the workplace is truly disgusting.

  • The Roseburg Oregon Michaels store manager was awful. She caused drama between the employees and made the work environment horrible. Everyone would call in sick because she made it horrible. When we were at work employees would come together in corners of the store and complain about how awful she was to them. Alot if people developed anxiety and mental anguish working there that never goes away. I stuck it out until the day I walked out when I was the opening casier and she kept coming up to me harassing me making me feel extremely upset and I couldn't take it anymore and left. I spent far too long in such a horrible place. It was so horrible, I couldn't understand why the customers liked going in there, she ruined that place for me and alot of past employees.

  • Management was awful, they had no respect for their employees.

  • I left my job at Michaels because the management was really bad. The previous store manager of the store favored people. It was like pulling teeth for the store manager to give hours to employees who worked 14hr shifts for him. The Michaels company itself was not a bad company it was just the manager at my store was terrible.

  • Oh let's see--favoritism, nepotism, non skilled management, terrorist treatment of employee (almost causing a suicide) to get her position for a BFF of a member of management, hiring untrained management for a position that that person was not skilled enough to do, ignorance of the inventory--what a product can or cannot do....too much more to list.

  • I was let go today over the phone because i didn't have money to get to work (check hadn't cleared in time, I needed to be on the train by 3am to work at 5am) and the manager didn't like that in the past I called BEFORE my shift in the event of an emergency or me knowing ahead of time I wouldn't be able to come in to let the managers know instead of calling after 5am. Ridiculous. 23rd street location.

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  1. Why did you leave your job at Michaels?