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If you were in charge, what would you do to make Mondelez International a better place to work?

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  • There has been some staggering numbers of employee turnaround lately. Instead of doing like other companies are doing, giving sign on bonuses, why not reward your current employees. Especially any that have worked through the pandemic, being in stores, day in and day out, covering for employees who took time off because they had been exposed or had COVID-19. You have some true heroes who have not been properly rewarded or acknowledged for their dedication and commitment to Mondelez/Nabisco. Why not give a bonus to any and all employees who didn’t take time off and are still working. That might go a long ways for employee retention.

  • Bring jobs of production back to USA!! And hire more full time employees within the company. No favoritism or family persuasion.

  • Get rid of sales reps they’re not needed.

  • The only thing I’d change is push more more health brand products, that’s where markets going

  • Hire new managers

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  • Be more active with the employees. Listen to the issues and fix them immediately. I wouldn't play favoritism

  • I would get rid of the entire Himan resources team on sight and i would push to finally ratify a contract for the hourly workers and stop threatening to take peoples pensions.

  • Pay its employees better

  • I agree with the answer in regards to the time allotted for deliveries. You are not just putting out cases from the delivery. There is so much more time involved with other aspects of the job. Carts are always behind other vendor carts. Heavy to move. Pulling from bin location. Waiting on a WM manager to make cap labels. Its certainly not a cut and dry process, stocking cases to shelves. You have to fill or rearrange displays, pull from risers, etc. I'm a part time so I can't claim miscellaneous time. So if I put in the actual time I worked and how many cases worked (but not just cases) it makes it look like I'm not packing out enough for the time I'm claiming. But I have no where else to put that time, so I'm screwed. I either, don't claim the actual time I worked, or I do and then it looks like I'm not doing enough case per hour. The MINIMUM I was told was 30 cases per hour. Sure if the cases are already right in front of the product on the shelf and you didn't have to go through unloading the pallet, getting to your carts, organizing your cart. They expect a new hire to be able to go the same pace as someone that's been doing it 20 years. They hire you for a specific territory then suddenly change you to another, under a different sales rep who expects and does things totally different from the rep you were previously under. And I have NEVER has so much trouble communicating with my "supervisor". The sales rep I was moved under is a lying, micromanaging, manipulative, wienerschnitzel. Oh, did I mention he's a LIAR???? Yeah, just wanted to make that very clear. I like the job itself and the physical aspect of it until I was moved to a different territory and different sales rep!!!! My supervisor rarely responds to my texts or emails, she doesn't answer her phone if I call. If she does respond, it's not necessarily a response to my initial email or text. It's to tell me what someone said and condemn me without speaking to me to get my side of whatever story is being told!!!! Gulf South region or district, whatever it is, SUCKS!!!!

  • Change the attitude, the only promote friends, add better communication, and show respect to all employees

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