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About My Beer Guy

My Beer Guy is the leading draft system installation and service company in Illinois and Indiana. We ensure that our customers deliver the best tasting draft beer, wine, and coffee in the industry. We hire great candidates, with minimal experience, a big desire to learn, and train them to be “Defenders of the Draft”.
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Work Out In The Field

This is all field work. No stagnant office setting for our “Defenders of the Draft”. Beer Technicians work bi-weekly routes cleaning and servicing restaurants, bars, stadiums, and any and all locations serving draft beer, wine and coffee. The bi-weekly service routes are scheduled early mornings until mid afternoons, Mondays through Saturdays. Paperwork and office time are minimal.

Get Paid to Train

You’ll be paid to train to become among the best draft beer techs in the industry. You are supplied with any company tools, equipment, and materials needed to provide excellent service. Uniforms are provided, and capes are optional. Use your own vehicle to work routes and receive a gas stipend to cover some fuel costs.

Services Beer Technicians Perform

Beer and Wine Line Cleaning: An important factor in serving quality draft beer is having the beer lines cleaned regularly. Bacteria, yeast, and beer stone will adhere to the inside of the beer line. This can result in an “off” taste. Regular and thorough cleaning removes any sediment and will assure fresh tasting draft beer. Service includes complete system cleaning. Lines are flushed with our very own special blended brewery approved cleaner. Then rinsed with water before being repacked with beer. Our technicians disassemble and hand clean the faucets as well as clean the couplers in the cooler. Service & Repair: Service for any draft beer issue. Including foamy beer, warm beer, beer leaks, gas leaks, or even off taste and loss of pressure. Glycol System Service: Service includes checking and adjusting glycol levels to meet system specifications. Checking and adjusting glycol bath temperature. Cleaning unit by blowing out the condenser with compressed gas and degreasing when necessary. Draft Beer System Audits: Technicians will audit the draft beer system. Our audit includes proper keg handling, glassware handling, temperature control, employee training and more.