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February 2, 2021
Meet NSA online! Currently, NSA’s recruitment activities are being conducted exclusively online due to the COVID-19 pandemic. NSA is providing students, recent graduates and experienced professionals with many opportunities to meet with us online – right now. Visit NSA’s Virtual Recruiting Hub today to take advantage of upcoming interactive events. Chat with NSA recruiters and subject matter experts and learn about available career opportunities. There is a place for you at NSA!

Top 5 Reasons to Work at NSA

NSA employees list their top 5 reasons for working at the agency.

The Mission: What Attracts and Retains NSA Professionals

At NSA, your work helps to protect your family, the nation and the world.

Mentorship at NSA

NSA recognizes the importance of mentors for interns and employees.

Career Growth at NSA

NSA's Student Programs give you an excellent jumpstart to a career in intelligence.

STEM Careers at NSA

Join a team of creative, innovative technical experts who work together to invent what can't be invented anywhere else. It’s not just advanced machine learning, neural networks or artificial intelligence. It’s not just quantum computing or graph analytics. It’s all these and more – rolled up into an organization that is the leader in signals intelligence and information assurance.

Cybersecurity Careers at NSA

As our use of technologies grows exponentially, so do our country's vulnerabilities. Our national security depends on the stability and reliability of our communications infrastructure. The cyber threat to IT and national security systems has never been greater. In fact, with the increased number of cyber events around the world, it’s more important now than ever to stay a step ahead of our cyber adversaries. Learn more about how you can help the U.S. maintain a strategic edge in cyberspace.

Business Careers at NSA

You can use your business degree to protect the profits of a public company, or you can make a real difference by protecting the safety of our nation. The National Security Agency employs a wide variety of business professionals who play a critical role in protecting our nation’s security every day. We rely on the skills of our business, accounting and budget professionals to support the internal infrastructure of a federal agency comparable in size and budget to Fortune 100 companies.

Intelligence Analysis at NSA

Work independently in analysis and research. Demonstrate a knowledge of the communications environment and the technology trends of your targets. Provide unique insight into target intentions unavailable from other intelligence disciplines. NSA intelligence analysts know the relationships between history and current events, and appreciate the geographic, social, economic and political issues that influence world events.

Foreign Language Analysis at NSA

Foreign language analysts at NSA have a global impact. By understanding dialect, context, cultural overtones and shades of subtle nuance, foreign language analysts help decipher foreign messages and bring attention to those that may pose a threat. That's why NSA language analysts need to be able to write, translate, transcribe, research, report and - most importantly – to understand meaning and intent.

Student Opportunities at NSA

We offer paid summer internships for undergrads, graduate students and Ph.D. candidates. Even if you’re still in high school, you can get a head start on your career in our Gifted and Talented STEM program.

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