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Cleaner (Current Employee) –  Woodburn, INApril 22, 2019
its a fast pace and you have to be spot on with the cleaning at all times. my days stared at 6am to 2pm the hours are grate but the pay sucks. you get hour for lunch
1hr for lunch
have to be up by 430am to be in by6am
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Job Work/Life Balance
Job Security/Advancement
Job Culture
They need a complete overhaul in management and a crash course in running a business
Sanitation Worker (Former Employee) –  Charlotte, NCJuly 6, 2019
I was contracted out from newbold to work at a plant. I was a sanitation tech. My shift consisted of spraying and cleaning the machines used to manufacture and ship beverages.

The work itself was not hard. And my coworkers were ok. Most of the shift u worked independently. You were told what to do and were expected to do it.

The pay was terrible tho. They started everyone at 10 per hour, regardless of your experience. And pay raises were non existant. In the time working there. I made 10.50. It didnt matter that the turnover rate was high and i had to pick up the slack and was never given a raise or praise for going above and beyond my job.

Another thing is the fact that there is little to no communication from management to upper management. And little to no training for new hires. When i say no communication. I mean none.

There was no official employee handbook. So days off or paid time off was told to us the day of or not at all. Several times i came to the site and found it closed cause no one told us we were off.

Or we sanitation would come to work to an empty plant or locked plant.

The management there treated us like step kids. They heaped tons of extra work on us. Often times it was things that weren't in our job descriptions. Newbold's management would not defend us, and instead, they pushed us to do as we were told. Although we didnt get paid any more for the extra work.

The turnover rate remained high for this reason. The pay didnt match with the duties. In reality, that job shouldve paid at least 12 or 13 per hour. But management didnt care
  more... nor did they seem to care about fixing the problem. Folks would apply, start working a d quit within a week.

They offered little to no benefits for the employees and the best thing about them is that they didnt take out for breaks. What u worked is what u got paid. There were designated breaks, although we worked 6 days a week and 6-7 hour shifts.

You worked 40 but got paid for 35. By right. That 6th day shouldve been overtime. But because we usually left by 5 after coming in at 10. It wasnt a typical 8 hour shift. We were encouraged to leave at 4 then gradually it became 5.

The training was a joke. It consisted of a whole bunch of guys we never saw again. Running around the plant scareaming over forklifts, machines running and other sounds. Trying to tell us what to do. You eete shown one thing but after the higher ups left. Our management pretty much let us adapt and do the job in what way we felt best.

After that, folks start quitting left and right and it became a revolving door with keeping help. People would get hired,sed what they ask of u. See the pay and wouldnt come back.

The HR is a bigger joke. They changed payroll companies at least 3 times while i worked there. Payroll would pay you for 40 and you worked 80

And it wasnt a few folks it was a mass error company wide that happened more than a few times.

People that got paycard got their checks days late and so did those that had paper checks. When u called them, they wouldnt answer or they wouldnt call u back. It was like getting a law passed to get a call thru to them.

The job itself wasnt bad. Its monotonous but the best part was the friendships made with the ft folks at the plant. They were what kept me there as long as i was. They were some of the best.

Otherwise, if u need a quick hire and u need quick money. Newbold is the place. They hire anybody and as long as u can get to work. Youll have a job.

Otherwise,its nothing to brag about and its certainly not a job for someone trying to get ahead in life. Its a dead end position with little to no room for advancement.

And its contract. The plant management could not be pleased and then if u expect newbold to fight for u. U can forget it.

Its best to work somewhere else
Paid breaks
Poor managemt and poor communication company wide. HR is also a joke
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Job Work/Life Balance
Job Security/Advancement
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Have not got paid, its been several days
Cleaner (Former Employee) –  Danville, VAJune 2, 2019
this company is very disorganized they don't know what they're doing they misuse their workers and they will lie to you about anything management will not work and they will lie to you about anything management will not work they sit by the desk ok play on the computer this company is horrible never will i work for them again they are real dumb
Nothing good about this company
Management suck
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