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Finding a teaching position in Arizona can be really challenging. In a city like Phoenix, the vacancies exist. Because there are so many smaller school systems rather than one large district like Los Angeles Unified School District, for example, teachers may need to apply to dozens of schools before finding a job they’re excited about.

OneTeacher provides a “one-stop-shop” application for over 30 achievement-focused, Title I schools in Arizona. When a teacher applies for a position through OneTeacher, not only are they considered for all of our current openings, but they’re kept on file for future roles as well if no current match is available. The staff at OneTeacher is adept at not only connecting teachers to a position they’re qualified for, but one that they’re likely to be truly well-matched with. We know that’s when the magic happens for students—when teachers are supported by philosophically-aligned) administrators in a school environment that is a true fit for what they’re looking for.

The hiring process begins with a candidate screening by the folks on the OneTeacher team. When the matchmakers at OneTeacher have a potential match for a candidate, he or she is connected to one of our partner schools directly to continue on in the school-based selection process. The team at OneTeacher remains in contact with candidates to support them and answer whatever questions may arise. Candidates who are ultimately hired at a OneTeacher partner school then have access to a network of other Title I professionals, events, and resources through OneTeacher.

Learn more here: https://www.oneteacheraz.com/open-roles/

OneTeacher Testimonials

I am so appreciative of the service OneTeacher provides to connect passionate teachers to high-achieving Title I schools and, most importantly, to the students who need us and a great school the most.
~ Candidate 2017-2018

If you want to find a career path then let this capable team help you find your place.
~ Candidate 2017-2018

I am truly thankful to have come across OneTeacher and for them to have open the pathway of me being able to work at Moya Elementary. It was ironic that I ended up being placed with the school district that I once served hours with for my undergrad degree.
~ Candidate 2016-2017

I like that OneTeacher works to match employers with teachers in a way that ensures a great fit. It is challenging to find high-quality teachers, especially in Arizona, so this organization is truly special and necessary. Great experience quick results!
~ Candidate 2017-2018

I think the mission of OneTeacher is invaluable and I enjoyed every bit of my experience with the organization.
~ Candidate 2017-2018

The process was seamless. All of the contact via OneTeacher was very pleasant and efficient. I appreciated the ease with which the process was conducted. I spoke to one person, Nina, who then directly connected me to the school's administration. She did an excellent job connecting me with a school that aligned with my teaching philosophy, was very responsive, and warm and supportive throughout.
~ Candidate 2017-2018

The staff at OneTeacher is very knowledgeable about the roles and the schools; they are able to make a recommendation that is a good fit for the teacher and school.
~ Candidate 2017-2018

One Teacher provided me with support and insight on a school that best fit my needs within a matter of weeks. They made me feel comfortable from the start and assurance in that they would help assist me to find the school that would best suit me.
~ Candidate 2017-2018

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As you know, every student should have access to excellent teachers and educators regardless of their school zip code or demographics. OneTeacher connects amazing and aspiring educators to their “perfect match” school by partnering with over 30 achievement-focused Title I schools in the Phoenix metro area. Our partner schools are looking to hire and – more... 

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