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On-Site Marketing (OSM) is an interactive sales/marketing services company which was founded in 1996. OSM operates on a national and regional level, specializing in the development and implementation of face-to-face sales/marketing programs. On-Site Marketing has found that programs which directly involve the consumer in a fun and unique manner are – 

News & Updates

October 8, 2020
OnSite Marketing is hiring! Do you live in the Greater Cleveland, Philadelphia and Baltimore Markets? Do you enjoy sales? Do you get satisfaction of earning commissions and determining your paycheck? Are you a hard worker who is constantly striving to hit your optimal level? If you answered yes, please apply! We are hiring for both part time and full time positions in all markets.

Join Us!

On-Site Marketing, Inc. is a sales and marketing organization. We build sales teams for companies that want to reach customers in the real world; not on the internet, or through direct mail. We engage customers where they live, work, and play. Where “Life” happens. Our employees are what drives our success. To that end, we provide a competitive compensation package (we think it’s pretty good), ongoing training and support, bonuses and incentives, and the understanding that you too have a life outside of your job. Come check us out.

Work Life Balance

On-Site Marketing understands the importance of work/life balance. We have lives too. We expect all our employees to come to work and perform their job at their optimal level. We also expect our employees to be able to leave work for the day and pursue what makes them happy. We’ve structured our schedules to optimize two things; the ability of our employees to work effectively and maximize their efforts, and for those employees to spend most of a workday someplace other than work. You also leave work at work; it doesn’t follow you home. Our typical workday is between 6 and 7 hours or between 30 and 35 hours per week for full time employees. This means that you’re working up to 40 hours less each month, yet you still can generate a six-figure income. What will you do with all that time and money?

Financial Freedom

With uncapped commissions the sky really is the limit! On-Site Marketing's compensation package is very competitive. OSM offers an hourly base pay, plus uncapped commissions and many bonus opportunities. Do not let a kiosk sales setting fool you! There are multiple On-Site Marketing employees who are earning over six figures working less than 40 hours per week at a kiosk. On-Site Marketing also offers 401K, medical, dental and vision insurance.

Where we Operate

On-Site Marketing operates in the Greater Philadelphia, Chicago, Cleveland and Baltimore Markets. We are headquartered in Coatesville, PA. We operate at kiosks inside major establishments such as major airports, big box retailers, transportation centers, movie theater chains, grocery stores and many local events and festivals. You never know when you will run into one of our sales representatives; it could be at your local music festival or as you are waiting to board an airplane!

Mamba Mentality

With the recent passing of Kobe Bryant we have been hearing a lot about his Mamba Mentality on and off the court. Kobe could be at times a very polarizing figure among the general public; it seemed people either loved him or hated him. Regardless of the perception people had of Kobe as an individual, it is generally agreed that the man was relentless in everything that he pursued. In its simplest form, having the Mamba Mentality means trying to get better every day in anything that you are doing. According to Kobe Bryant, “Mamba mentality is all about focusing on the process and trusting in the hard work when it matters most. It’s the ultimate mantra for the competitive spirit. Hard work outweighs talent every time.” As sales representatives we can all embrace Kobe’s philosophy. An individual does not have to have years of sales experience to be good at selling. What is needed is a good sales “mamba” mentality. One must be able to disregard the rejection one will receive hundreds of times a day and keep fighting until that sale is made. The mamba mentality is not being happy to simply reach your sales goal, but to strive every day to exceed it. On Site Marketing is looking for individuals that possess this mamba mentality. Do you have what it takes?