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Great job

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Working with osmose is very adventurous and exciting, I always liked working outdoors and it was a perfect job position for an outdoorsy person. Great team work
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Learn great things

Great job if you like to travel and work outside, typically gone Monday through Friday and home on weekends if you're lucky, pay is decent enough, good benefits, but if you value your home time, not the job for you.


Good pay and bennies


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Stressful hard … crazy handful

They will back stab you n they will lie in you and it no Union so they nobody fighting for you .. so if they don’t like you and you not what they want .. they going to make it hard for you give you the worst of everything (truck,Equipment, computer,map location where you work and they won’t really help to get you work you going to have to figure it out
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Young and hungry? great job

Lots of travel. Best for younger people with no commitments at home. Got to see some pretty cool places on the company dime. Pay is good and bonus structure is great. Work hard and you can make a Lot of money. Tons of opportunities for advancement if you work hard.
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Productive place to work

Not a bad place to work depending on supervisor. Not much help finishing you crew members. Foreman are treated better than crew members. But over all not a bad place
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Seems too good to be true, it is.

They'll overwork and underpay you, the hiring managers say that you can create your own hours and hire your own crew, but corporate doesn't help with hiring, supervisors don't care about you, everyone lies to you and expects you to lie to your crew, there is no per diem, no travel pay, only a 30 min lunch when food is a 20 min drive away. The management has no leadership and abuses the foremen, Not worth the money to be away from home 6 days a week and get yelled at 5 of them.


Good insurance


Literally everything
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No home life great for a single person

Osmose definitely has it perks, but unrealistic goals. You get the best benefits, great pay and a company truck. However your always out of town and management does not comprehend having a personal life. The training is 12 weeks in Georgia and they literally will try to break you mentally and physically, they will make you walk miles with no water source, had a group of 30 in my class and one guy literally passed out and the instructor could've cared less. If you do actually pass and become a foreman they expect you to already somehow have a full crew ready to becuase it is your responsibility to find and hire your own crew. You'll have the weekend you graduate in Georgia back at home then straight back to be out of town again. The pay is good when the weather is nice so you can work but if you get rained or snowed out your working the weekend or whatver crazy hours to make up for it. If you don't mind working out of town every week this would be a good job. Saw multiple foreman when I worked there get fired for the smallest things, one guy had been on the road 10 days straight and came home for 3 days just to get long weekend since he got 100 hours in two weeks, and got fired becuase he wasn't back in the field after two days off. Just be careful what you say and try and make friends with mangment if you want to survive. I ultimately left just from having a family and out of town so much wasn't for me but I did well with osmose and if they could start giving you work near home more often and management that truly wanted to see you succeed this place would be a great employer. - 
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You are only treated as good as the numbers you produce

As long as you are getting your daily quota, you will be, "okay." However, from my experience you are just an employee id and nothing more. Management will fire you for any reason. They love to threaten that every day you work. There is no support system. If you attempt to go over the supervisors head you will be retaliated against. I was moved from my home town 14 hours from home and was only allowed to go home 4 days per month. 2 of those days were spent traveling to and from home. Made it impossible to take care of your own responsibilities.


Earn hotel reward points


never home. No personal life whatsoever.
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Terrible support

Terrible company too work for. No tech support. You have to hire and recruit on your free time. Work all day and calls all night long. Have to use your own money for company equipment and almost never get reimbursed for it. The company is ran by children in the field that don't have any pride in there work and are lazy. Senior management is non existent. Might as well ask Santa for help cause that's the level you will receive. They set you up to fail. Training is terrible and covers things that really doesn't happen in the field huge waste of time. Only support you have is fellow foreman.




No support or equipment have to pay for company tools very hard to get reimbursed
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This job is horrible

Not even worth the time or training you need. The hours are long if you have a family kiss them goodbye you will be working so much you won’t have time for them. On the road 5 days out of the week. No overtime unless you hit expected production per day.
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Just don’t

They want you to travel all across the country and give you ZERO per diem to SURVIVE on your own. You have to have the perfect situation to do this job (no bills no children and willingness to travel more than 5 hours away from home)
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Osmose's has great employee benefits package, as well as a ton of company discounts for many different things. The issue at Osmose's is a Management

I thought they were a good company who would take care of there employees and i was told in training that they would not just fire me because of production or crew member issues because of the fact that i was still new and getting a feel for the job and still in the proccess of hiring new members. which it really took me by surprise because according to everyone in the company crew member issues for foremans is an everyday thinng
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Bad Training / lots of unpaid hours

To start I would like to note I never fully finished the training program as I was only in it about 4-5 weeks, however in that time it's clear what this company cares about, the numbers...To start youd think a job that has you travel so much would pay for just about everything considering they're uprooting you, apparently that is not the case, no one in the program received any extra incentive such as per diem or anything despite being hundreds of miles from home. And people who had worked there for years complained of the same thing. On top of it the time off did not seem to be worth the amount of time spent away from home.Secondly the training program does a good job teaching you the physical job and what needs to be done, however that's it, you learn nothing of the admin side, which is important considering you'll be trying to hire crewmembers for your team you'd think they'd want you to know every benefit to sell the company...Third, seems to be a lot of unpaid hours at least that's how our trainer was doing it, which defiently doesn't make the company look good from the start. Supposedly you don't get paid until you reach the job site and once the works done you basically clock out even though you may have an hour drive back which was the case for me, we had an hour drive too and from and traffic made it worse on the return, it easily accounted for 3+ hours a day unpaid.Finally I will say I'm glad they have a training program as it does give you a good idea if this is the job for you, but in my experience the training program is lacking greatly on multiple ends - 
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Good Company Overall

Great company if you are looking for advancement. High turn over if not. All work is outdoors no matter what the weather is. Extensive travel for long periods of time and living in hotels.


Decent Pay, opportunity to advance quickly


Outdoors 24/7, Long hours, high turnover, away from home most of the time, sometimes live in shady cheap hotels.
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Foreman better work fast

Foreman position pays above average, but after foreman school when you have your in field evaluation, you better move fast. What seems like production speed seems to never be good enough for supervisors.
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All about numbers and friends

Everything is about production. You have to get your numbers and if not you’re gone. If you’re injured too bad, get your numbers. Sick? Get your numbers. Down a man? Oh well…still need the same amount of work done with fewer workers. Just make it happen. Unless of course you’re one of the favorites. Then it’s ok we can figure it out later. If someone doesn’t like you then you’ll be demoted. They say they’ll do something and it doesn’t actually happen. It’s all just a game to them. Benefits are a joke unless you’re a foreman or higher. Insurance literally only covers your annual physical. Get sick or need a specialist and you’re paying out of pocket. You barely make enough to live on the road and still need to figure that out.


Not really anything.


Benefits are a joke. Pay is horrible for the job.
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A job that can be relaxing or stress inducing.

You can either enjoy the job or have the worst time, if you don't hire people with experience in your first day you will be constantly under fire from every position above you constantly watching your move making you stress about every little decision you make.
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Great place to make $$$ if you are serious about earning

If travel is not an issue. Great place to work.There is extensive travel. But it offers a variety of locations. Nice way to see the country and get paid while doing it.
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It's an okay place to work but you will break your back for not so great compensation. Travel out of state is required during winter months and you are not paid for drive time. Medical benefits are horrible.
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You have to put in the work

If you think you’ll walk through the doors and make 6 figures without busting your tail, then you should look elsewhere. This place is built on hard work, in every facet of the company. From Laborers, up to Project Leadership, up to the C Suite, hard work is what defines people who are successful at Osmose. Climbing the ladder isn’t unattainable if you’re willing to put in the work. Advancement opportunities are there for those who are willing to put in the time and effort. But if you’re just looking to cash a check, you’ll do just that, and not much else.In general, Osmose is a great place to work. I can’t speak for every territory or office or department, but my experience has been that working hard is how to be successful here, and enjoy your job in the process.
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They lie to get you in the door

They will tell you one thing and then after training it's a totally different way of doing things. They train you on how to do the job and then after the 9 weeks of training you go to the field and pretty much throw you to the wolves if your young great job. No family and love traveling its the greatest job other then that stay away
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