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September 15, 2023
At Outreach, we organize periodic free inservice to help our employees grow professionally as well as keep them updated with latest research to help better serve our patients. Our latest inservice - Prevention of Trip Induced Falls is provided by Professors Youngjae Lee, M.S and Michael Madigan, Ph.D. of Virginia Tech. They are currently performing research on Reactive Balance and Trip induced Falling within the geriatric population.

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A leader in physical, occupational and speech rehabilitation
Outreach Physical and Occupational Therapy and Speech Rehabilitation
provides licensed therapists, who work one-on-one with patients, in their own homes, in assisted-living facilities and Outreach serves at-home patients in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, New Jersey and sections of Long Island.

About Outreach

Outreach Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy CREATING TRUST THROUGH SENSITIVITY Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy plays an integral role in maintaining and enhancing your quality of life. Outreach Physical, Occupational and Speech Rehabilitation, PLLC provides excellent and convenient treatment in the privacy of your home.

Why Choose Us?

Why should you choose Outreach? At-home rehabilitation is a specialized field. Outreach therapists are experienced, creative and able to make your home into the needed workspace during your treatment. We inspire your trust through our sensitive application of treatment parameters. Our therapists bring all necessary equipment and provide every detail of care. As professionals, we pride ourselves on our sincerity and thoroughness as we assist you to restore functional wellness. Another option is our outpatient clinic for those who choose, or will achieve, the best functional outcome in this particular setting. At Outreach, we strive to achieve the goals that are set out in a collaborative manner from the initial visit. The general goal is to steadily progress our patients to reach their functional potential while creating a realistic, effective home exercise program that patients can use when not in therapy to help in maintaining the progress they made while receiving it. It acts as an option for patients receiving Therapy in their homes as well. Founder and licensed therapist Alex Greenspan, M.S.P.T. heads a staff of carefully selected licensed practitioners whose interpersonal skills are as sharp as their therapeutic techniques. Chosen for their sensitivity, knowledge of the most innovative and up-to-date techniques and a genuine heartfelt understanding, our therapists are assigned to you with an emphasis on optimal compatibility.


JOIN OUR CARING TEAM OF PROFESSIONALS Outreach is always looking for experienced licensed Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapists who understand that sincerity and compassion along with your skills are the best tools you have to offer any patient. We would be happy to meet with you to discuss how you might fit into our caring team of professionals.

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