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Bakery-Cafe Management

At Panera Bread, we believe in raising, serving and eating food that is good and good for you. To us, that means food should be clean, honest and made just the way you like it. And of course, served in an environment that’s warm and welcoming.

As a manager, you’re on the front lines to deliver the food, service and experience our guests have come to expect from Panera. As we continue to grow, it means new opportunities for advancement since we like to keep our best people as part of the family.

Hourly Bakery-Cafe Jobs

Start Your Journey At Panera Bread!

There are lots of opportunities to start your career at Panera. Whether you want to work directly with customers or behind the scenes making great food, we think you’ll find a position you’re interested in.

Bakery-cafe roles include:

Bakery-Cafe Associates deliver fast, friendly service through direct customer interaction as a cashier or in the dining room, or working on the food preparation line.

Bakers are responsible for that signature smell when you walk into one or our bakery-cafes. They bake artisan bread with true craftsmanship and are the heart and soul of what makes Panera special. We bake day and night to provide fresh baked goods to our customers.

Certified Baker Trainers take pride in training new bakers. They follow a training program that ensures consistency in our quality baked goods.

Baker Training Specialists are committed to providing our baking team with ongoing support and follow up on our baking procedures.

Catering Coordinators manage the details to ensure our catering clients receive great food delivered accurately, while working to increase sales and build strong relationships.

Shift Supervisors help lead by being a role model to others and supporting the entire bakery-cafe team.

Support Center

Supporting Our Bakery-Cafe Network.

Other companies may call it a “corporate headquarters,” but to us, it’s our Support Center, providing support to each and every one of our bakery-cafes across North America.

With over 1,900 locations in the U.S. and Canada under the names of Panera Bread®, Saint Louis Bread Co.® and Paradise Bakery & Cafe®, our Support Centers are home to the essential functions that help our bakery-cafe locations better serve our guests.

Whether your heart lies in marketing or quality assurance, IT or associate development, our support centers host a number of opportunities for a wide variety of career options.

Similar to our bakery-cafes, we offer a warm environment that also allows for some fun. Not to mention, the espresso machine, on-site gym and daily delivery from our nearby bakery-cafe that keeps everyone happy.

Fresh Dough Manufacturing

Our Fresh Dough Manufacturing Facility teams produce all of the bread, bagel and roll dough for our bakery-cafes so they can bake them fresh each and every day. By joining the manufacturing side of Panera, you play an essential role in what we do – baking great bread from fresh dough.

This team includes more than 1,600 Panera associates. We are proud to be a diverse team with 17 different languages spoken throughout our 22 manufacturing facilities. Since bread is our business and passion, our facilities operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 364 days per year. Our delivery trucks travel more than 22 million miles annually to ensure fresh dough is delivered at our more than 1,900 bakery-cafes located in 45 states and Ontario, Canada.

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