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January 28, 2019
- Sales increased 3% to $3.48 billion; organic sales increased 6%

- All-time quarterly records set for total segment operating margins, EPS, Net
Income and ROS

- Total segment operating margins reached 17% as reported, or 17.2% adjusted

- EPS increased 33% to $2.79 as reported, or $2.84 adjusted

- EBITDA margins increased 155 basis points to 17.7% as reported, or 18.0%

- Company increases fiscal 2019 full year guidance

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Parker-Hannifin operates on a big scale (its motion control equipment helped sink a replica of the Titanic in the Academy Award-winning film.) Parker-Hannifin is a leading global manufacturer of motion and control technologies, including fluid power systems for the manufacturing and processing industries; hydraulic, fuel, pneumatic, and electromechanical – more... 

  • The Fluid Control 2 and 3 way cartridge solenoid valves are best suited for size sensitive applications in need of a compact solution. This design features 80% reductions in volume as well as low integration and energy costs. #Electromechanical #LinkinBio #TechTuesday
  • Parker Veriflo's welded tube #Fittings guarentee quality, positive performance and reliability, making them the only choice for tool hook-up, #Valve manifold boxes or gas cabinet applications. These fittings are ideal for the #SemiConductor Fabrication market. #ProcessControl #LinkinBio #TechTuesday
  • The Soft-Shield 4000 Foam Core EMI gaskets offer a cost effective EMI gasketing or grounding solution. This product is suited for commercial electronic systems. #SealingandShielding #LinkinBio #TechTuesday
  • Our OSP-P Origa series rodless #cylinder accelerates quicker than a Porsche 911 Turbo. Durability against corrosive enviornments and total installation flexibility make this a great cylinder solution. #Porsche #ThisIsParker #Pneumatics #LinkinBio #TechTeusday
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