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What advice would you give the CEO of Petco about how to improve it?

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Please add better food standards for the rest of the animals at Petco. Removing everything that was artificial is great, but only for the people who have a dog or a cat. The people who have other pets do not have many options in terms of healthy/good food. The Kaytee brand bird food that we have to feed the Conures isn’t all that good for them. We may as well give them a sugary cereal like fruit loops or trix. The big companies who provide us with animals often make me question their sanitation standards as well as the living conditions of the animals. Please do not allow Store Leaders to hire their family friends just because they can... Most stores have at least one person who is there strictly because of their relationship with the SL. It often leads to unfair treatment for the rest of the employees. Please do not sell anymore tiny beta tanks. They need at least 5 gallons and a filter, but many people want to throw them into a vase with a plant on top like the fish is some kind of decoration. What we need in terms of employees, is for someone to listen to their concerns instead of ignoring them. The only people who seem to have an opinion that matters are the managers. We need something for those who are getting brushed aside. They need to evaluate everyone to prevent people that don’t work much from slipping through the cracks. Someone needs to go around and see who is working hard and who is just there. The hay for the baby/young guinea pigs should be Alfalfa. Timothy hay is for the adults. Marshalls is not a good ferret company when it comes to pretty much everything. Their ferrets are often dehydrated, malnourished, and/or sickly. The birds need way better treatment to allow them to be happy and healthy. They need lots of attention, lots of space, and a proper diet. Their water needs to replaced often. They need to be properly socialized. Their nails need trimmed regularly to prevent overgrowth. They need someone who is trained properly to take care of them to prevent mistreatment. Same with all of the animals really.

Be reasonable on what people can actually do and stop expecting people to be an all-in-one ace for less than $10/hour. Nobody can live on that. Apartments for one is nearly 1k and I only get about $350 if I'm LUCKY which scrapes nothing. Give people more room to grow for an office job rather than just a pet store (you have managers, stockers and people that print labels as well as organize so it's possible). The lack of respect for those on the bottom is truly disgusting.

I would say add more cameras in the salons! There's things groomers do that shouldn't do. N actually watch them not only when there's an incident. One person can say they didn't do it but someone else can fight you tooth and nail n say they r lying but you wouldn't believe it until u saw it. And appreciate the hard good working workers you do have. Pay better. Managers should come in once in a while and do what we do: see how It really is in here. Only people who truly worked in a salon can understand. No manager or even other leaders can understand. Show more appreciation!!

Follow Pet Food Express model. Higher standards, treat your employees better and provide better quality products. STOP selling animals coming from harmful breeders!!!!

Offer us an actual wage we can afford to live on! That’s why your stylists aren’t happy!

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First of all it's ridiculous and unfair to not give employees a raise unless the are moving to a higher position!! We are making very little money to begin with and the cost of housing in Dallas is skyrocketing. At the same time more and more is expected of everyone, not just the higher level employees.

Listen to the store employees and fix what you can

Offer a living wage to your employees

Listen to the lower employees not just the high up managers

Pay more attention to why your stores are failing on a fundamental, basic level. Hold management accountable for poor behavior, foster a positive work environment for discussions about this kind of thing. Don't base the amount of money a store gets on how much it makes. You can't tell a store to make more money when the whole reason it's failing is because there aren't enough individuals to help shoppers which causes them to not return. Enough employees means more return shoppers.

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