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Questions and Answers about Petco Working Environment

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9 questions about Working Environment at Petco
Animal care, help guests, animal care, help guests, clean, help guests, animal care... repeat!
Answered March 15, 2020
The first year was pretty great! I loved going to work so that I could help people and care for the animals. After that, things went down hill. Things that I would put up with started to bother me. The lack of properly trained people is dangerous for the animals. My store has 4 managers, but only half of them actually care about the animals and employees. The other half make everyone miserable. You can always tell who the MOD is based on the work environment and the productivity. If one of the good managers work, things get done properly and the store is often doing better with everything. When one of the other managers are working, it is super tense. The animals lack the proper care due to the manager rushing the employees who open. 30 minutes does not allow for much time to care for everyone. Even if someone is opening small animals and wellness, and the other is opening the reptiles and aquatics, there is no way that the animals are all properly taken care of. After first year, I would dread going to work. I often would rather drive into the other lane of traffic than go into work. I cannot do all of the things that they expect me to do AND do everything else at the same time. I do not get paid to do half of the things that I do. When it is just me and the GA key holder closing, I am often the one who runs the register, gets the animals for people, gets crickets, closes all of the animals in the store, helps the customers, and just closes the store in general. All that they do is take out the trash and shut down the registers. It is times like those that I would rather just off of a cliff than go into work and be miserable. I started taking antidepressants before I started working there, but after working here it took a huge toll on my mental health. If I do not take them now, I have a mental breakdown at work from all of the pressure and nonsense that is pushed onto me. I’m sure others can relate to that. I get treated poorly by the SL due to my mental health issues, so there is no way that working there is even remotely healthy for me anymore. I am afraid to leave due to the lack of good staff that actually care about the animals rather than the money. I am also afraid to stay though for the sake of my sanity. I may be labeled as the GA (full time) without keys, but I get treated like I’m the lowest of the low. If going to work seems worse than getting in a car accident or something, then you know it’s not good for you to stay.
Answered October 24, 2016
Downhill fast. They already lost all their best groomers, unless they are the sole employee getting all the dogs and can groom super efficiently And fast!The way petco is going is the way of sears. If only the ceo would speak to his average every day employees at the store level he'd know exactly why his stores are failing. It's so sad they could be great.
Answered January 6, 2018
Very stressful, always shortstaffed in grooming but expected to meet sales goals anyway. Favoritism is a thing, some partners get away with violating safety protocols and when it's reported nothing is done about it and the reporter will be written up for something management makes up.
Answered July 3, 2017
Very comfortable
Answered July 13, 2018
Dress professionally, make sure you understand this job is NOT a hobby. This job includes blood, urine, excrement, vomit, getting bit and scratched it's a dangerous and stressful position.
Answered February 10, 2019
What does a typical day look like
Asked November 4, 2019
It varied on what the manager wanted done that day. I would always start my shift checking the animals though, regardless.
Answered November 4, 2019
On the job training. Not stressful and very repetitive unless you're dealing with customers.
Answered June 2, 2019
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